Top 10 Tech Companies: Revenue And Expenses [Infographic]

In a world where most companies are trying to recover from the economic recession, there are a few that are still living the high life when it comes to profits. Even though their profit probably would have been higher if the recession never happened, they are still making a bundle from their ingenuity and innovations. However, it is as they say, money ain’t everything. There has to be some happiness with it as well or you might as well drown in it. Steve Jobs is a great example of this since he is battling his health pretty much every day now. There are constantly lists being created with the most wealthy people in the world, the youngest billionaires in the world, and so forth. But we should also remember to look at what those people have done.

In an interesting infographic (not really an infographic though) put together with information from Bloomberg Business Review, Google Finance, Yahoo! Finance and Wikipedia, we are presented the top 10 technology companies in the world and their revenue and expenses. You can clearly see their profit, and if you know a little about each company, you pretty much know what their cash cow is.

What’s really interesting is the newcomer on the list. H.T.C. hasn’t been around even close to as long as the other companies on here. And, considering they are a small Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, they have taken elephant steps towards the top. It’s nice to see some competition on the list since it will drive innovation and lower the prices of the gadgets we adore so much.

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Top 10 List Of Revenues