Voice Actors: The Voices Of Our Childhood Heroes [Epic List]

We all go through periods in our lives when we watch certain shows and series on television or in the movies. As kids we were amazed by the all the worlds we could go to just by watching these shows and using our imagination. It wasn’t unusual that we called the characters who we enjoyed watching heroes. They became a part of our lives, and as soon as we got home from school, we turned on the TV just to see if our favorite show was on right at that moment. As adults, this doesn’t make much sense, and it’s even kind of boring if you ask me. However, there are cartoons that still even mesmerize millions of grown-ups each and every week.

These are of course The Simpsons, South Park and a few others. Even though they contribute to a wonderful and happy evening, we still don’t always know who the actors, or should I say voice actors, are who give us a good laugh right there while we sit on the couch. We should really highlight these people more since they have become such a huge part of our lives. Many voice actors have even been in front of our eyes, as voices, more times than most legendary movie actors. So to make this a little more fair, someone put together a part of the IMDB list of the Top 50 voice actors in the history of cinema, and it is quite an epic list. Have a look and see if you knew any of the people who made our lives a little more happy each and every week.

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Childhood Heroes Voice Actors List

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