Watch The Very First Barbie TV Commercial Ever

There is a saying that there is a first time for everything. It’s probably the best quote out there because there is no getting around it, and there are no alternatives for it. What I mean is that there is nothing that can break it. Either there is a first time or there is not, simple as that. Every company out there has had their first run of products or customers, and they were as clueless as everyone else is when they first started out. The key is really to learn from your mistakes. There is not a company out there that has never made a mistake. It just doesn’t exist. Here at Bit Rebels we welcome mistakes because they keep us on edge so we are always evolving and developing, but they also let us learn from them and improve our way of doing things.

We are so used to seeing multinational companies do their daily business which can sometimes be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. We hear about huge profits all the time. However, that’s not always what we should be looking at. We should also look at their humble beginnings and learn from their mistakes so when we make the same mistakes, we can navigate through them more smoothly. If you can become a human litmus paper, you are on your way to greatness.

Mattel is now a worldwide company that is loved by millions of people. They, like everyone else, had their run through the woods in their humble beginning. One thing they did very well was they stuck to their idea, and still today they use their same slogan. In this first ever TV commercial from 1959, Mattel states that everyone wants to be Barbie, and they have stuck with that statement ever since. The Barbie franchise has grown bigger and bigger each year, and even though it’s the perfect toy for children, they have never stopped learning from their mistakes.

First Ever Barbie TV Commercial