Wedding Ring: Portal Theme Makes It All About Sharing A Heart

Maybe you are walking around thinking about proposing to that girl of yours. Maybe you just haven’t figured out what ring to choose, or you can’t find the one that matches your two geeky lifestyles. Either way, you are pretty much looking for the perfect wedding ring, and we here at Bit Rebels think we can help you with that. The newest among geeky wedding rings has just been announced, and it is nothing less than mind twisting. Since it incorporates the Portal theme, you can be sure that sharing a heart is going to be a whole lot easier, but a lot more confusing. I mean, who knows how to build a portal anyway, right?

This particular wedding ring set is designed and created by deviantART artist fairyfrog and is a custom creation for a couple who apparently loves Portal as much as they love each other. It’s a really cool little set of rings that for sure will raise some eyebrows. If you don’t know what Portal is, I am sure you are not going to their wedding either. Maybe their whole wedding is portal themed, and if you are actually invited and you still don’t know what Portal is, I am sure you will be sitting there like an owl trying to figure out what this hoopla is all about.

This set of rings is called Still Alive Portal Wedding Rings, and each one is made out of Sterling silver. It took the artist quite some time to design, create and finish these rings, and by the looks of it, the couple’s wedding is still on despite the long wait. So to all of you couples in love out there, maybe a Portal themed wedding ring set is something for you to consider. If it is, I suggest you hit up fairyfrog and start planning for the most epic wedding your side of the family has ever seen. What is it that they say? Geek is the new blue or something like that? Happy loving!

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Portal Themed Wedding Ring Concept

Via: [Geekologie]