When Disney Characters Go Horror Movie

It’s a widespread known fact that Disney always puts a touch of grownup/adult hints in their movies. If I am not entirely incorrect, I think there is a website or an article telling us about all of these hints that you can find in pretty much every Disney movie ever released. Maybe it is a way for Disney to make their movies as appealing to parents as well as their children. The line between a grownup joke and a kid one is as thin as a hair, but they always seem to make them just right. I am sure there has been a lot of people portraying Disney characters in very different shapes and forms than they originally were expected to be and look, but that doesn’t mean that inspiration and creativity is going to stop there. There is always room for a little more humor, especially when it comes to Disney characters. Don’t you think?

Ralph Cosentino (who by the way has a kick ass website) has ventured into the unknown land of horror creature movie themes and mixed it up with Disney’s sugar sweet characters. The result is a mind-thrilling and quite obscene blend where at first you don’t understand that they are Disney characters. The second after that sudden rush of stupidity, you are washed over by the imaginary absurdity that Donald Duck really has a darker side, and you really don’t want to mess with it.

The wonderfully creative images of Donald Duck as Rodan, Mickey Mouse as Godzilla (originally Gojira) and Goofy as Gamera are what really make reality such a dull place to live in. As we can see, creativity is pure power when the outlet is funneled through the thriller side of life. Brilliant artwork for sure!

Mickey Mouse as Godzilla

Donald Duck as Rodan

Goofy Character as Gomera