The Truth About Wi-Fi Coverage In Your Home [Humor]

How many times have you tried ridiculous things in your home to get good wi-fi coverage? I’ve held my laptop up in the air, I’ve talked on Skype until my arm hurt from being all twisted so it would connect, and I’ve even sat in my car to work since the coverage in my driveway is sometimes better than in my house. Wtf?

I’m convinced there is not a whole lot we can we do about it. The sun, the moon and all the stars above must be what determines whether or not we’ll get good wi-fi coverage because if there was something I could do about mine, I would have done it by now.

My particular wi-fi coverage problem has improved a lot since I got my iPhone 5 though. Now if my wi-fi starts being wonky, I can just connect to my 4G hotspot and all is instantly good again. I found an old article from 2010 that actually has some really good advice about ways we can troubleshoot this annoying problem. You can read about that here on Lifehacker.

This hilarious little graphic which sums up the inevitable wi-fi coverage in our homes tells my wi-fi story exactly. Whoever created this must be feeling my pain. Now I know the next time I want my wi-fi coverage to be flawless, I just need to zip over to my neighbor’s house, go sit in the backyard or stand in the street. This is good information to know. Some people don’t get phone coverage or wi-fi coverage at home, so I guess it could be worse. The good news is that as fast as technology is progressing, in a few years this most likely won’t even be an issue anymore, or at least we can hope for that.

The Truth About The Wi-Fi Coverage In Your Home

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