Wings Of Malibu: House Made From A Boeing 747 [Update]

We’ve reported on several weird looking houses around the world since we first started Bit Rebels, and it seems there are still people out there who want to create innovate homes from things that have been discarded. There is a huge debate going on about whether or not most of the images we have posted are photoshopped or not, and I have to agree that some of them probably are.

Some scenarios are just too… elaborate and mind boggling for anyone to even consider building what they call a house on these locations. Of course some of these are also real and exist in the world that you and I live in, meaning the real one.

There is a lady in Malibu, California who really knows how to make use of old things. Francie Rehwald, a house pioneer, has gone out of her way to create the ultimate home. She bought a Beoing 747 back in 2006 for $30,000 which she planned to use to build a unique and personal home out of. It has taken her 5 years to somewhat complete the task, and the house itself is nothing less than a wonder if you ask me.

The lines and shapes of the house are just stunning. If you are looking at the house from a distance, you’ll notice that it looks just like any other house, at least on Malibu where all houses are pretty much stunning. However, this one is above the rest, literally. The view that she has from her home is mind boggling, and you can’t say that there are many people in the world that live under a couple of wings, Boeing 747 wings that is. Whatever the symbolism is, I think it is an amazingly beautiful house. Brilliant!

Wings of Malibu House Concept