With These Utensils You Can Play With Your Food!

One of the hardest things to do for some moms is to get their kids to eat their food. I remember my mom having a hard time feeding my youngest brother when he was still a baby. She would make those gestures with her hands holding a spoon and make sounds like an airplane or train just to get my brother to open his mouth and start eating.

We were also told that we should never play with our food, that was always a big no no in our house. I remember one incident where my oldest brother, my sister and I got scolded and sent to our rooms without any dessert because my dad caught us playing with our dinner. I found some cool utensils that will not only allow us to play with our food, but also help moms feed their kids easily. One is the Constructive Eating Utensils set. They are fun utensils that are shaped like construction equipment and vehicles. They come in a forklift fork, a front-loader spoon and a bulldozer pusher. They also come with easy grip handles. Another one is the Snack and Stack Building Block Utensils set. This is one of the most awesome utensil sets that you have ever seen. It’s perfect for LEGO lovers. You can stack them and bring them with you to work or let the kids have fun taking them to school. What is great about the utensils featured here is that they are not to big for kids to use, and not too small for adults to enjoy as well.