Working LEGO LP Player Is Not Your Usual Record Player

A long time ago, far far away…Well, let’s just say it was a long time ago that we could buy LP (long play) records in a record store, new ones that is. These days, vinyl records are only manufactured when someone specifically wants one and is prepared to pay for it. Years ago, it was of course the main format for music to be distributed to the masses. I don’t think I have to tell anyone that today’s format is pretty much digital. The CD is becoming less and less present in our lives, and instead we turn to online music stores to get whatever music we crave. There’s no doubt that a lot of people have some of their favorite LP records laying around somewhere at home. For one retro LEGO builder, simply not having an LP player spawned a build that will make your jaw drop.

Now don’t go thinking you would be able to build a fully working LP player out of LEGO (on second thought, maybe you could), but this thing plays “vinyl” records in a way I am sure you have never heard them before. This LEGO LP player has a secret up its sleeve that I am sure you won’t be able to figure out until you have actually watched the video of it playing.

It would be such awesomeness if this thing actually played your real LP records, but as you will see, nothing is quite what it seems when the builder starts demonstrating how it sounds and looks. It was conceived and created by Anika Vuurzoon and must be one of the more technical LEGO builds to date. I keep wondering, if you had the blocks for it, would you be able to build a working LP player entirely out of LEGO? Maybe LEGO hasn’t become that technical yet, or maybe nobody has been smart enough to pull it off yet (that should be initiative enough to inspire someone to have a go at it, wouldn’t you think?). I sure wouldn’t mind having a fully working LEGO LP player. Anything that looks this geeky would certainly have a place in any geek’s life. Don’t you agree?

Anika Vuurzoon’s Working LEGO LP Player


Via: [Walyou]