Legoland Malaysia Builds World’s Largest LEGO Millennium Falcon

Yesterday the world celebrated Star Wars Day and social media platforms around the world was buzzing all things Star Wars. Some used apps to generate Star Wars related content to share with their followers while others simply shared old, yet cool, Star Wars-related awesomeness. When it comes to Legoland Malaysia Star Wars Day was celebrated by building the world’s largest LEGO Millennium Falcon.

The project was administrated by LEGO Master Builders Chris and Dan Steininger who also invited visitors to help assemble the mammoth build. It’s entirely built out of LEGO and took approximately 30 hours to complete. A feat that I think will stand for a while unless a huge group of people band together to beat it.

The insanely huge LEGO Millennium Falcon consists of over 200,000 LEGO bricks and measures 16×12 feet and weighs in at over 1,100 lbs (almost 500 kg). Not only is this an incredible build that almost resembles pixel art, but also, ias a celebration to the ever growing legend of the Star Wars saga, this is something that should put a smile on pretty much any Star Wars fan.

Star Wars fans have always pushed for greatness and this LEGO Millennium Falcon is definitely a build that will be remembered. The question that is on everyone’s mind now is probably when we will see a lifesize LEGO Millennium Falcon that you can actually explore and get lost in. I mean, building it shouldn’t be the biggest problem, acquiring the LEGO blocks to build it is another questions. It would not only cost a fortune but to organize the pieces would be nothing less than lifetime project.

Who knows, perhaps in the near future we will see this dream come to true and marvel over the engineering and the extreme mastery it would take to row such a project to shore. Fans around the world will be waiting! LEGO, get on this! – In the meantime, we will just have to settle for this awesome LEGO Millennium Falcon build. That’s perfectly fine with us here at Bit Rebels!

World’s Largest LEGO Millennium Falcon

LEGO Millennium Falcon Build

LEGO Millennium Falcon Build

LEGO Millennium Falcon Build