World’s Largest Post-It Stop Motion Uses 350,000 Notes

I promise you that if anyone were to ask you how many Post-It notes you had used throughout your life, you wouldn’t be able to answer that question. Of course you couldn’t because who counts them as they use them, right? Well, there actually are people out there who do count how many Post-It notes they use, but then again, that’s usually when they’re used for specific projects. Now the next question is why the hell you are counting Post-It notes used for projects? I am not talking about the work project you are doing right now where you have to file and tag everything you have reviewed or confirmed. The projects I am talking about are the artistic ones.

An ad campaign for Galeria Melissa was recently showcased in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and their decision to team up with 3M made it anything but boring. The ad event was actually one of the most successful to date according to the Melissa camp. So what did they do? Well, as we all know, when 3M is involved, there’s always something creative going on, and this was no exception. The ad campaign actually used up 350,000 Post-It notes and managed to become the world’s largest Post-It stop motion movie ever.

If you check out the video at the bottom of this article, you will certainly understand what I am talking about. It’s huge, and if you have ever been impressed by anything, this would probably be near the top of your list. Not only is the scale of this epic, but the artwork is actually beautiful beyond comparison. How they managed to create such awesome flow and accuracy when using 350,000 Post-It notes on such an epic wall is something I will be thinking about for a couple of days. I am sure your fingers are itching right at this moment, but I wouldn’t recommend raiding the office supply room for all the Post-It notes to impress your boss with some epic scaled wall artwork. I think you will actually be better off impressing your boss by not touching those Post-Its at all. Know what I mean?

Melissa Post It Sotp Motion