Zombie Boy Makes Full Body Tattoo Disappear In Commercial

It wasn’t too long ago that Diana wrote an article (Extreme Tattoos: His Entire Body Is A Work Of Art) about the Zombie Boy (Rick Genest) whose body is covered in 80% tattoos. It’s one of those tattoos that will send chills down your spine if you were ever to run into this person at the grocery store or on a dark street somewhere. Why someone would actually tattoo 80% of his body, I will never understand. I myself have a few tattoos, but I don’t think I would ever go so far as to tattoo something in my face or head. When it comes to Rick, it’s a whole different thing. He considers himself to be a work of art and by all means he is.

Recently he was asked to be in a commercial for the number one dermatologist creme (or so they say) which hides ugly blemishes or spots, and he accepted. Who could better demonstrate the power of the creme than Rick Genest? His entire body was completely covered with the creme which made his tattoos completely disappear. I must say that the result is insane, and you can’t see one single “pixel” of his tattoos through the creme. The commercial of course has a twist to it, and what that is you just will have to see for yourself.

If you have tattoos of your own, you know that this way of putting art on your skin is highly addictive. I am sure some people do it because they want to be cool and all that, but I think most people do it because they feel they want to add a memory, statement or something to remind them about their own life. From my own experience, I can assure you that taking a while to think about what you put on your skin is a good idea. That way, the thought of having a certain artwork put on yourself will have sunk in, and you can feel completely satisfied with the piece you have chosen to have drawn on yourself. If not, then you can just use this dermatologist creme and cover it up, right?

Zombie Boy Covers Body Tattoos