10 Easy & Inexpensive Ways To Improve Any Kitchen

Are you tired of the way your kitchen looks? There are easy ways to transform your kitchen so that it becomes a place you love and cherish, and not merely tolerate – and the best part is you don’t have to spend a fortune. These ten minor changes are quite transformative once you’re finished, and they will go a long way towards making your kitchen more organized and chic.

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1. Change The Lighting

If the lighting is dim or the overheat fixture looks ugly, its time to change it. It’s actually quite easy to switch an overhead light, and you can get a brand new one for as little as $20 bucks at IKEA or Etsy. While you’re at it, take a look at your under-cabinet lighting and select a bright under-lighting that makes it more attractive.

2. Switch Out The Drawer Or Shelf Liners

Most of us use the same liners for years, but changing shelf liners gives you a great opportunity to remove everything out of the cabinets so that you can put them back in a more organized way. Once you’ve cleaned the drawer, use brand new non-stick liners to improve the overall look. They don’t have to be white; even black can look good.

3. Change The Faucet

This is perhaps the most straightforward way to upgrade a kitchen – and the best part is anybody can do it. While its true that faucets can be pricey, you don’t have to purchase expensive models; you can get some of the best kitchen faucets for as low as $100 and it’s a small investment for something you use all the time.

4. Purchase A New Rug

An ugly rug can really mess up the decor in a room, and not just the living room or your bedroom; it can make the kitchen look ugly too. For people that have a dull-looking kitchen floor, a rug can be a way to change the way you feel when you walk into the kitchen. Find a rug that matches the rest of your kitchen and use bright colors to make it more vibrant.

5. Install Pull-out Shelves

Pull-out shelves and drawer organizers give you more control over your kitchen and they help to keep things organized. There are literally dozens of cool inserts and organizers from IKEA, Rev-a-Shelf, and The Container Store.

6. Update Your Hardware

Remove all the old knobs or pulls and get something more modern and stylish. This will transform the way your cabinets look and it will go a long way towards making the kitchen look different.

7. Purchase A Good Dish Rack

There are some nice-looking wooden dish racks that you can get for low prices and they do the job. But if you’re looking for something more durable then get a heavy-duty dish rack that can last for years even with the largest mound of drying dishes. A dish rack looks nice just sitting on the counter; so get a quality rack for your kitchen.

8. Use Small Wire Shelves To Create More Storage Space

With a few wire shelves and under-cabinet baskets, you can take advantage of all the space in your kitchen – including on your fridge. For $8 you will find nice-looking cabinet shelves at The Container Store.

9. Get New Switch Plates

White switch plates eventually become dingy and dirty and they’re not pretty to look at. To avoid this, use stainless steel because they look cleaner and they also lie flatter on the wall than plastic ones. Fancier switch plates are also available and you can choose from a variety of decorative styles from places like Anthropologie.

10. Cover Your Countertops

Ugly countertops are a nightmare and it’s worse if you’re a renter. So if you can’t improve on what you have, the next best thing is to get a big cutting board and cover the most unsightly parts. It’s simply functional. If you’re more ambitious you might consider painting your countertops.

Bonus Tip

Anti-fatigue rugs are great for when you have to stand for a long time in the kitchen.

These are easy upgrades that anyone can do and they will change how you experience your kitchen forever. You can go through the improvements one-by-one so you don’t get overwhelmed by the work. So get busy.

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