10 Remarkable Jello Shot Designs

I’ve never actually tasted a Jello shot. However, I was a cocktail waitress when I was attending University, and I remember making red, orange and green Jello shots for my customers. I always thought it was kinda gross how they slurped them down, kinda like an oyster.

I have to admit, now that I’m a little older, and a bit more adventurous, I would like to try one to see what it’s like. These days, Jello shots can be a lot more interesting than they were back then.

There is a blog called My Jello Americans that features some of the most creative Jello shots I’ve ever seen. The pictures below are of Jello shots! Aren’t they amazing? The ingredients for each one of these designs are also listed on the site. Most of these creations contain Knox unflavored gelatin, sweetened condensed milk, food coloring and of course vodka, or some other kind of alcohol.

Some of these are too pretty to eat, like the butterflies. Others are too disgusting to eat, like the teeth on the cigarette butt. I can appreciate the artistry in all of them! It’s yet another example of how a true artist can create just about any design out of just about any material.

[via cmybacon]