10 Types Of Office Sitters – Which One Are You? [Infographic]

I have gone through a ton of chairs before finding the one I am currently using. It’s an old chair that I bought many years ago over at IKEA. It is an executive chair that becomes more comfortable with age it seems. What is really interesting is how we sit in them. There are a bunch of different ways you can sit in your office chair, and according to this infographic, 10 types depend on the way you portray personality.

There are all kinds of positions you can sit in, and I am sure you are mastering quite a few of them while sitting in front of your computer pretty much 24/7. There are 10 types in particular that we are going to have a look at today. Usually, when you look at an infographic you are suppose to be able to derive information from the graphics. So, if we were to do that on this infographic it truly depends on what kind of personality you have.

According to these 10 types of office sitters, if you are a hunchback, (leaned over your desk with a curved back), you are living your life in the virtual world. At least that is how I interpret this infographic. Furthermore, if you are a cool dude or dudette, sitting backwards on your chair, your best friend is apparently “you”.

My question is, which one of these 10 types are you?  It is quite easy to determine what kind of personality you have based on the way you sit in your chair, but also what kind of position you sit in if you know your personality. Confusing? I am sure a few of you will find that you sit in several positions, therefore, could be a few of these 10 types. Let us know in the comment section below to determine how the majority of you, our readers, sit in your chairs at the office  – Infographic presented by Chair Office, design by JessicaDraws.

Which One Of These 10 Types Of Office Sitters Are You?

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10 Types Sitting Positions Infographic

Via: [visual.ly]