11 Simple Life Upgrades To Make You Feel Like A Grown-up

Adulting can be rough. Admit it, as a kid you thought it’d be far simpler and far more fun than paying bills, working a job to pay those bills, and sometimes-but-not-nearly-often-enough, getting the chance to sneak away somewhere cool for a vacation. Don’t get us wrong, being an adult comes with a fair amount of fun, too. But chances are, if you look around at your peers, you think they probably have it all together and are having loads more fun doing so than you are. News flash: they aren’t, and they don’t. No one does. We are all just pretending to know what we’re doing; some of us are just able to hide it a little easier.

These 6 genius life hacks will make you feel like the adult your age tells you that you are.

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Buy Only What You Really Love

One of the surest signs that you are officially an adult? You spend your money wisely on items that you truly care about. You won’t be contributing to a market of poor quality items that last a few wears. Everything you own will be of value to you.

Upgrade Your Bedding

In keeping with the theme of buying only what you really love, upgrading your bedding to the softest sheets imaginable is a good way to start…bonus adulting points if you make your bed every day.

Keep A Clean Home— Naturally

Want to really feel like an adult? Become a DIY queen or king. Clean your home using hot water, vinegar, and essential oils. Why? You’re not only creating a toxic-free, clean home environment, you’re doing it with oils that induce whatever mood you’re hoping to create. Use lavender for welcoming calm and peace, while lemongrass invites energy. DIY-ing is a fun way to be an adult— cleaning shows you actually are.

You Actually Show That You Care About the Environment

Here’s the thing: it’s easy to say you’re an environmentalist, it’s an entirely different thing to actually show that you are. What does this mean? Maybe it means you go all in, going either vegetarian or vegan. Maybe it means you purchase reusable containers. Maybe it means you shop only at thrift stores, or source your food and clothing as locally as possible. There are countless ways to show your respect for the environment, and putting them in practice is a highly respectable way to show your maturity.

Upgrade Your Coffee Game

If you’re spending too much on Starbucks (or worse, drinking tar-like drip coffee or — gasp — instant coffee) it’s time for a major wakeup call. Get your hands on some high quality whole bean coffee and learn how to brew amazing coffee at home.

Keep Good Company

Here’s something we should all know: it’s perfectly okay to weed out certain people in your life. Sometimes, it’s hard to avoid certain naysayers or energy-suckers; maybe they’re a part of your family, and you just can’t avoid them. But you do not have to repeatedly put yourself through a negative encounter or relationship just because you have in the past. You’re an adult now, and you get to make the decisions about your life that feel best for you.

Keep A Few Plants

Did you know that plants help to keep your air clean? There are some that do this better than others, and they aren’t all that picky about their needs, either. As your local nursery plant specialist what plant best suits your digs, and go from there. Keeping a few plants in your home will brighten up your space and help it look more decorated and put together.

Be Ready In Case Of Emergency

A real adult is prepared in case disaster strikes. Spend an afternoon making sure you’re prepped in case of emergency: Check your insurance policies, open an emergency fund and begin making regular contributions, and put together a small kit to help you in disaster scenarios: A flashlight and batteries, a first aid kit, and a portable charger is a good start.

Add Simple Decor To Your Space

We would never dare call designing and decorating your living space an “easy” upgrade— it’s a serious investment of time and money. But a few simple upgrades, like trendy throw pillows or pretty kitchen hand towels will make a big impact with low investment.

Stop Losing Your Keys

The quickest way to feel like you have your crap together? Stop losing stuff. Adding a key locator to your keyring will help you find your pesky car keys with just a few taps on your smartphone.

Dress Those Windows

If you’re ready to move right along from “college dorm chic” toward actual adulthood, it’s time to kiss your bare windows (or horrid plastic blinds) goodbye. Upgrade to simple yet beautiful window treatments and wake up every day to the gorgeous feeling of being a gosh darn grownup (Pssst… these zebra blinds are a step up from cheap plastic and are still affordable, to boot).

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