20 Useful Words And Phrases For Top-Rated Essays [Infographic]

When you become a student (it doesn’t matter college or university), essay writing become one of the most frequent tasks in your educational routine. Day by day, you are learning how to write analytical, persuasive, 5-paragraph essays, etc. The most common student strugglings are essay structure, topic determination and lack of ideas.

Some of the students do it better, some of them have significant problems. Writing service EssayPRO decided to create the series of catchy and easy for comprehension infographics to help first-year students in their critical period. [pullquote]Writing an essay may only seem to be ordinary and even simple. But when we are talking about A+ grades, you need to consider your work to the smallest details.[/pullquote] It’s not a secret that there are some fundamental keystones when you decide to become a real pro in essay writing craft.

At the first place – structure. Second – orthography and punctuation together, third and maybe the most important – content. Content, in turn, is a common meaning. It may include the critical point and ways you describe it: phrases, words, examples, figures of speech.

The role of words in the essay, as the general structural/functional part of any language, can often be underrated by people. Moreover phrases and idioms. To sum up this introduction, it will be nevertheless to say about the “subconsciousness magic” of the context-appropriate words. Whether a teacher will check your paper, or it will be someone else, they see the whole picture, catching the sense.

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To explain it other words, words and phrases are like building blocks, and your essay is an architecture creation. The better blocks you choose, the prettier house you get in the end. The process of right words selection is so easy as it may seem. When I was a student, I remember spending up to 30 minutes to decide which phrase will be suitable for this context situation. Understanding this problem students face each year, we decided to draw this little helper.

You can choose out of 20 useful words that can be applied in any essays on any specialty or course. It took more than ten days for our creators to make a brief research of the most helpful and necessary phrases. Honestly, your teacher/exam officer will note the fact that you are not just recreating a mind flow, but making an effort.

More About The Infographic

It has four basic chapters. The first one, called “Additional Information”, will help to replace annoying “and” with another prepped phrases.

The second “Demonstrating contrast” also has the same purpose as first one, suggesting you phrases to replace “but.”

The third chapter “General is explaining” is about introductory/explanatory phrases that can make sentences look structured and finished.

The last chapter “Giving examples” claims for itself. Tired of “for example”? Try to use some alternative words.

We here at Bit Rebels hope that this infographic will be a trusted helper anytime you need to write a top-notch essay! We firmly believe that making efforts when studying is a very critical point. Don’t negotiate a possibility to use writing tips: articles, infographics, pins and other stuff. To sum up this description, I would like to cite Winston Churchill “Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.

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20 Useful Words And Phrases For Top-Rated Essays

20 Useful Essays Words Infographic

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