5 Easy Ways You Can Turn Showering Into A Relaxing Experience

After a hectic day at work, the only thing you might be looking forward to is an invigorating shower to wash the grime of the day away. However, instead of relishing the amazing feeling of water pouring down your body, you may be tempted to cut your showering time short to run errands or do some chores.

No wonder that you may feel even more tired instead of relaxed! Even though your busy lifestyle might be hindering you from enjoying long showers, you should definitely treat yourself every once in a while. There is no need for a spa day anymore; by just employing the following tips, your quick shower can become a relaxing experience.

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1. Perfect Your Ambiance

Do you know why spas seem to give you an unmatched experience? Part of the secret lies in effective lighting. Fluorescent lights can be harsh on your eyes and might even give you a nasty headache, prompting you to finish your shower quickly.

To combat this, you can use candles instead. They can give your bathroom a relaxing, spa-like ambiance, a perfect place to pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home. To go the extra mile, opt for scented candles to treat all your senses.

However, beware of safety hazards, because fire can be your worst enemy, especially if you have a shower curtain or other inflammable items in your bathroom. If you are concerned about real candles, go for the battery-powered variety. These candles give you the same ambiance without any risk.

2. Turn On The Music

No, please do not take your phone in the shower with you! There is a much simpler solution that will not cost you your phone: Bluetooth speakers. Even better, some models come in the shape of a showerhead, so you can sing your heart out. In an insightful review by Showering Center, experts mention that having a Bluetooth showerhead can help you listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks while you shower.

Generally, look for models that have adjustable jet strength and provide a crisp sound quality. Additionally, if you are not a fan of podcasts or audiobooks, you can play jazz or classical music. You will find that these genres can add a relaxing vibe to your shower.

3. Use A Shower Bomb

You might have heard about shower bombs before, those small balls that dissolve in your bath and create bubbles. Nevertheless, did you know that there is a shower version of these bombs? Yes, shower bombs do exist, and they give you the same results without needing a full tub. Just put your shower bomb in a dry place in your shower, like a shelf, after you activate it with some water.

The bomb will release essential oils that will make you feel super relaxed. There is another variation of this product as well. Some brands recommend that you activate your bomb and then scrub your body with it as an exfoliator. Your skin will definitely love the extra nourishment!

4. Buy An In-Shower Face Mask

There is something that all good spas have in common: face masks. Instead of wasting time waiting for your mask to dry before you hop in the shower, opt for an in-shower mask. Not only does it add a nice touch to your experience, but the shower steam can also enhance the results of your mask.

Select an in-shower mask that has nourishing ingredients to rejuvenate your tired skin. Also, look for masks that include charcoal, as it can soak the toxins and excess oils trapped under your skin, giving you an alluring, fresh look.

5)  Improve Your After-Shower Routine

Your shower does not end once you turn off the water. After your shower, you should pamper yourself to get the best experience possible. Dry your body with fluffy, warm towels. A good tip is to throw your towels and bathrobe in the dryer before you shower. Also, nourish your skin with essential oils and lotions.

Lavender, in particular, is known for its therapeutic effects, and its smell can keep you sated and at ease. To top it off, drink hot apple cider or any herbal tea you like. Just steer away from caffeinated beverages, because they can be dehydrating. Hitting the spa can be tempting after a hectic day; however, you can get the same experience in the comfort of your own home.

You just need to create the perfect ambiance, turn on some music, and use quality products to have a relaxing shower. You deserve to pamper yourself. So, by following our suggestions, you can get the perfect shower that will leave you feeling more energetic and productive.

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