5 Reasons To Get An Extended Car Warranty

The purchase of a new car brings many advantages to the car owner. This is one of the most significant purchases many people make in their lives, so it makes sense to look into a warranty from the car manufacturer immediately.

This article will review the advantages of an extended warranty and recommend where you can buy an extended auto warranty.

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Extended Car Warranty – What Is It?

With technological development, cars have come to serve far longer. A three-year warranty from the manufacturer will not last even half of your car’s lifespan. And it is here that extended warranties come in to shine.

An extended auto warranty pledges to cover certain expenditures for car repairs beyond the completion of a factory warranty. In contrast to auto insurance, which covers you in case of an accident, an extended warranty protects against mechanical damage or material defects by the manufacturer. Furthermore, an extended car warranty can keep the financial strain to a minimum, especially if you own a model from a costly brand.

Benefits Of An Extended Auto Warranty

When buying a new car, no matter how reliable the manufacturer, it is hard to be a hundred percent sure of its durability. After all, the conditions you are going to use your vehicle in can be unpredictable. Therefore, machinery fails, and occasionally it does so ahead of schedule.

Thus, it is necessary to consider the positive aspects of getting your car warranty extended:

  • Saving on the costs of repairs. With an extended auto warranty, the need to pay for a high-priced repair service is no longer your problem.
  • Reliable protection. As a rule, the auto-warranty company covers the expenses not covered by factory warranties.
  • Purchasing flexibility. As a supplement, service contracts do not have to be bought immediately when you buy the car.

5 Reasons To Get An Extended Car Warranty

There are quite a few advantages to purchasing an aftermarket auto warranty to cover your car beyond the expiration of the original warranty. Here are the five most important reasons to get an extended car warranty.

Peace of Mind

The most apparent reason to invest in an extended warranty is that it ensures your peace of mind. It is essential that you assume responsibility for ensuring your auto is provided with warranties even by insurance programs. Knowing you are covered in case of emergency frequently makes ​all the difference. The extended warranty allows you to budget your car costs easily and provides you with more peace of mind about your budget as well.

Nothing is more annoying for car owners than to be left without your auto soon after the purchase and burdened with expensive repairs. The auto warranty company can cover the costs of repair and even emergency assistance on the road. Your peace may be one of the most critical factors speaking in favor of extended warranties.

Investment Protection

Auto repairs are costly. If you have a luxury vehicle for which spare parts are expensive, an extended warranty can save quite a lot of money. You ensure that these contingencies will not be paid out of your pocket by getting an extended auto warranty. The extended car warranty ensures reasonable care and servicing for long-lived parts. This means that you can protect your auto from losing its value because of wear and tear.

Moreover, auto protection services can offer you coverage for years, and that includes payment in parts.

Increasing Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

Let’s assume you decide to sell your car in a few years. Maintaining your vehicle in perfect condition will undoubtedly add to its resale value. And especially if you do decide to sell your auto before the end of the expiration extended warranty. The advantage of an extended warranty is that you can transfer it to the new owner for a small cost.

Fitting Unique Needs

You can configure your extended car warranty following your requirements. You can also use the services to get 24/7 roadside assistance.

Additional Advantages

An extended car warranty proves its usefulness by assisting you in stressful situations. In addition to protecting your financial investment, an extended warranty comes with a range of additional features such as:

  • Towing services in the event your car breaks down at any location. You just need to contact your warranty provider.
  • Compensatory coverage. Auto warranty companies reimburse their clients a certain sum for their expenses if your ride is interrupted due to car problems.
  • Car rental. If your auto breaks down during a trip, several extended warranties can also suggest transferable coverage.


Extended auto warranties have become a subject of interest for a lot of car owners owing to the features they provide. An auto warranty company provides services without the participation of intermediaries, which will ensure a high level of service at an affordable price. Every client can expect a case-by-case approach.

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