5 Steps To Take After A Truck Accident

One of the most devastating types of accidents is a truck accident. Sadly, they are common occurrences. In 2017, there were 4,280 commercial motor vehicle accidents in Broward County. Seven of those accidents involved fatalities.

If you’re involved in a truck accident, you can minimize the damage by taking the right precautions. Follow all of the following steps, and you may be able to receive compensation for your accident. The money you receive could help you recover from the traumatic event.

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1. Call The Police

If the accident is serious, call 911. The dispatcher can send the police and an ambulance to the site of the accident.In cases that involve no injuries and minor damage, you should call the local number for the police. They will send someone out to your vehicle and will ask questions about the accident. After assessing the damage and interviewing everyone involved, the officer will make an official report.

It’s important to have police presence. There are two reasons for this. First, it allows you to document your accident for insurance purposes. Your insurance company will look at the report and use it to decide if you are at-fault for the accident. The second purpose is to give you evidence to use in a personal injury claim. If you file a lawsuit against the truck driver, the police report can back up your story.

2. Photograph And Video The Scene

If your injuries allow you to and you can do it from a safe place, take pictures and videos of the accident scene. Back these up in case you lose or damage your phone. Should you decide that you need to contact a truck accident attorney, these images may be vital to your case.

3. See A Doctor

Serious injuries require immediate medical attention. If you are injured, don’t hesitate to go to the hospital. They can determine the severity of the damage and advise you on treatment. Even minor injuries require a doctor’s exam. Although your neck pain might seem insignificant, it could be a sign of a serious issue. You should go to an urgent care center or your primary physician and tell them about any pain.

Refusing medical attention can hurt your case. If you want compensation for your accident, you need proof of your injuries. This means visiting a doctor and following their advice. Failing to get treatment shows the court or the insurance company that the injury wasn’t serious. In some cases, they can use it to deny your claim.

4. Call Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company needs to hear about the accident. Even if the truck driver was responsible for the accident, you should contact your insurance provider. They will ask you for some information about the accident. Then, they may ask you to speak to the truck driver’s insurance company.

You should be cautious while speaking to either insurance company. Tell them the facts of the case, but don’t go into too much detail. If you say the wrong thing, they can use it against you. They might try to pin the blame on you.

5. Contact A Truck Accident Attorney

Your next phone call should be to a local truck accident attorney. After your accident, you probably have a lot of questions. A lawyer can answer those questions and help you prepare for the future. They also can take on the work while you recover. Dealing with insurance companies is a challenge. Often, they will fight fair payouts and might try to avoid paying anything.

Truck accidents can be particularly difficult to handle. Because the drivers often have the backing of the trucking company, you could be up against a lot. Fortunately, an attorney at Friedland and Associates can handle your case. We can explain your options and represent you in court.

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