5 Times You Likely Can Sue Someone

Did you know that every year, more than 50,000 lawyers enter the market after graduating from law school?  You might be wondering if they all get jobs. The answer is, yes. Most lawyers get to practice in their field because the demand for lawyers is increasing at a staggering pace. People seek law to sort out their conflicts and claims to be compensated for any damage. In America, a lawsuit is filed every two seconds.

If you are not familiar with the growing lawsuit industry and the common conditions in which you can sue someone, here is what you need to know.


Personal Injury Case

Sometimes, people are victims of others’ mistakes and negligence in the form of physical and financial loss.  A person driving under the influence can hit you, you can slip and fall on someone else’s property, or you might be bitten by an unleashed dog. But fortunately, you can make a claim for the compensation of damages caused by others. There is a statute of limitations within which you can claim compensation, but if you comply with this statute and have evidence, you can receive your due right through personal injury law.  Check here to get personal injury information.

Breach of Contract

You can sue someone on the basis of any kind of contract breach as well. It can be any kind of contract: employment, debt payment, property exchange, money transfer, or any other kind of contract that a person has entered into, but isn’t abiding by. Before making any claim, be sure that there isn’t any disagreement in the contract language and terms and conditions.

Property Protection

If your neighbor has extended his fence over the front of your property, and he isn’t ready to remove it with a verbal warning, you can sue him. Property issues and disputes are likely to happen in today’s world, but you don’t have to remain quiet and have the right to protect your property. You can bring a suit against your neighbor to sort out the conflict.

Alimony Claim

Divorces are increasing at an alarming pace in the United States; half of the married people end their relationship by turning to divorce. Sometimes, both parties end their relationship with mutual consensus, while other times, they seek the help of the court to sort out issues. Besides child custody, alimony claims are another reason why divorcing couples sue each other. The underlying cause of the suit might also be to seek revenge and punish the other partner for emotional damage. Whatever the case, you have the right to sue your spouse if you have been wronged.

Defamation Case

Defamation, libel or slander, is another reason to sue a person who has committed such. Significantly, in the age of the internet, where anyone can initiate a rumor and people spread it without checking, defamation has become very common. Even celebrities are victims. People sue others for defamation to seek compensation for damages that false rumors have created in the form of reputation damage, loss of a job, or anything else.

If you have been a victim of any of the above happenings, you can sue the person(s) at fault to receive compensation for your damages.

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