5 Tips To Ensure You Receive An Accurate Psychic Reading

Doing a psychic reading can be a profound experience, but it can also turn into a debacle. The only way to prevent the latter is to be prepared and do your research properly. After all, not all psychics are the same and it goes without saying that this field is packed with fakes.

We’ve put together a list of 5 tips that should help you get an accurate psychic reading experience. None of these tips are hard to implement in your search, but they can save you from a potentially negative encounter.

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To Get The Right Answers, You Must Ask The Right Questions

Psychic readings aren’t an exact science. Your psychic doesn’t have a clear view of what’s happening in the future. Instead, they’re getting glimpses of answers that are often difficult to interpret. If you ask your psychic a very specific question, they might struggle to find the answer.

Not because they’re not looking hard enough, but because the information from the other side isn’t always so precise. Ask questions that give the psychic enough room to interpret the answer. This could be tricky when doing online or phone readings. SF Weekly has a great piece on this type of reading sessions. Understanding the basics of a psychic reading, how it works, and what to ask will greatly improve your overall experience.

Word Of Mouth Beats Any Ads

The world of psychic reading is packed with people who have ulterior motives. There are too many fake psychics who are only looking to scam their clients using the oldest tricks in the book. One way to stay safe from being scammed is to use a psychic recommended by your friends or family.

Word of mouth goes a long way in any business, but especially this one. Sure, there’s always a chance that your loved ones are being taken advantage of, but you’re much better off going with a recommended psychic than finding one in your local classifieds.

In case you don’t have any recommendations, you’ll have to do your own research. SFexaminer.com has a list of the most accurate psychics in the San Francisco area, which can be useful. If you’re not in the same area code, you can use their list to figure out what to look for in a psychic near you.

Write Down The Important Bits

A psychic reading can be very revealing. You might find yourself overwhelmed with information that may not make sense at first. That’s why it’s a good idea to write everything down. Try to take notes throughout the entire session. Once your reading is over, head home and give yourself a few hours or maybe even days to process the data.

The notes you’ve taken during the session will be instrumental in this phase. That being said, only write down the important info or the info that has some meaning to you. Depending on the psychic you’re working with, they may or may not use plenty of words to express the answer they’re getting from the other side.


Sometimes the only thing that keeps us from having accurate reading sessions is our inability to listen. Some of us are too skeptical to listen while others come to psychic or medium reading sessions looking for a very specific answer. Some feel that their loved ones are calling, and they don’t care about anything else. This leads to them not seeing the forest because of a single tree.

Make sure to attend the psychic reading session with an open mind. A good psychic will do everything in their power to give you valuable information about your future, but you need to be open-minded.

Don’t Try To Cram Everything In One Session

Going to a psychic reading prepared is key to getting a good reading. However, don’t expect your psychic to be able to give you all the answers in a single session. Just like therapy, psychic readings often take more than one session to reach the root of the problem and make accurate predictions. That’s why it is important that you find a person you can work with in the long run.

Be Accepting Of Your Future

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that psychics are only conduits for information coming from the great beyond. Sometimes they see things we may not like. It’s important to be accepting of this information no matter how good or bad it is. A good psychic will give you the pieces of the puzzle. It’s on you to put those pieces together.

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