5 Ways To Boost School Spirit This September

The new school year is here, and while that means your days are about to get a lot less free, it also means that you have more opportunities to engage in school spirit! A lot of spirit-related activities and ideas are made by seniors, but that shouldn’t stop anyone who’s interested in taking an active role. Don’t be afraid to throw your ideas into the mix. Whether you’re a freshman or a grad, if you care about your school spirit, here are five great ways to boost it this September.

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Plan A Spirit Week

Spirit week is a classic spirit-booster because it’s fun for students and draws everyone’s attention to the “school as a community”. So often, students think of themselves as being part of certain cliques – whether that’s a club, sports team or social group – and it’s helpful to remind your fellow students that the greater community that binds everyone together is the school as a whole. Days like pajama day, Hawaiian shirt day, “dress up as a teacher” day, are all a lot of fun and a great social bonding exercise.

Create Cool Custom Clothing

Showing your school spirit is easy when you have custom-made clothing, with the school logo on it. This is a great task for your school’s design club (if you have one), who can mock up some apparel designs and take it to a print shop like R&P Prints to be ordered in bulk. The bonus here is that you can also use the profits made to fund school trips, grad outings or other spirit-related activities.

Get Involved With A Charity

Sometimes what a student body needs in order to come together is a common cause. Consider teaming up with a local charity and getting involved in community events. It might not be everyone’s idea of a “fun” time, but the feeling of making a difference in your community is so satisfying that traditional notions of “fun” just doesn’t compare.

Celebrate Unique Traditions

Every school has its very own unique traditions. Embrace these. And if your school doesn’t have any fun traditions, why not start making some now? Seventeen Magazine has a good article about awesome high school traditions, including a hair drive, a lock-in and a Speedo dash (What’s a Speedo dash? You’ll just have to read the article!).

Hold A Design Contest

How long has it been since your murals were painted, or since your mascot has been updated? In some cases, schools have had the same mascot and artwork since the 90s. And how does that make current students feel, knowing that they don’t have a creative say in the look and feel of their school? You can change that, and boost school spirit while you do so, by holding a design contest. Encourage students to enter their design ideas for things like murals, the school mascot, and even custom apparel designs, and then let the student body vote democratically on which ideas they like best. It gets everyone involved and it has a competitive element.

This year, make school spirit a top priority by following these five tips. Goooo (enter school team name here)!

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