6 Creative Ways To Propose

Of course, a partner who truly loves you will be excited regardless of how you propose, but it is still a good idea to make the experience as memorable as possible. Instead of going with a boring proposal, try one of these creative ideas.

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Propose With A Game

If you want to truly surprise your partner, game night can be the perfect time for a proposal. Create a custom trivia game asking them to marry you, draw a Pictionary image with engagement rings and a question mark, or get them to flip over a Monopoly card with a proposal written on it.

If you and your partner love video games, there are even more options, such as writing out a proposal in Minecraft or modding a game to include a proposal question. The great thing about this proposal method is that it lets you choose to involve friends and family members if desired.

Ask Them With Their Favorite Thing

The important thing with this proposal method is simply considering what your partner loves. For some people, this might be putting a custom label on their partner’s favorite ice cream, candy, or coffee.

For others, it might be asking their favorite author to sign a book and include a “Will you marry _____ ?” note. This proposal method can work very well because it shows you know exactly what your partner likes and appreciate their passion.

Create A Piece Of Artwork

This is the ideal proposal option for a creative couple. Creating artwork is special because it means your proposal is entirely unique. Try to tailor this proposal method to your strengths. You may want to write and perform a song, paint a personalized image, or craft a wooden box to hold your engagement rings.

It shows that you spent a lot of time thinking carefully about your love, and the end result is a tangible heirloom you and your future spouse can treasure for years. The hardest part of this proposal method is just keeping it hidden from your partner! Make sure to work on your artwork somewhere where they cannot accidentally stumble in to see it.

Take A Walk Down Memory Lane

Remind your partner of exactly why you want to get married by sharing all the highlights of your relationship with them. There are many ways to do this creatively. You can recreate your first date or take a tour of all the significant places in your town.

Another option is making a scrapbook that contains mementos of concerts you have seen, parties you have attended, or gifts you have shared. You can give this book at the end of a nice dinner or picnic, flip through it together, and then propose.

Make A Holiday Themed Proposal

If you have a partner who loves all the holiday traditions, use their favorite holiday to propose. There are all sorts of ways to make a holiday special with a proposal. Host a pumpkin carving party and hide the ring inside your partner’s pumpkin, or spell out a proposal by carving it directly on pumpkins. For Christmas lovers, you can spell “will you marry me?” with Christmas lights and then ask your partner to step outside and tell you what they think.

Ask After A Big Hike

This creative idea lets you go on a long, romantic walk with your partner before surprising them with a proposal at the end. For active couples who love nature, a hiking proposal can be a creative and engaging event. Start by planning your route and deciding where you want to propose.

Then you can set up a romantic picnic, write “will you marry me?” in leaves or snow, or hang up a banner to propose. If your spouse loves celebrating with others, consider having friends and family waiting at the end of the hike to have a little party while surrounded by natural beauty.

With these fun proposal options, you will make your partner feel truly special and appreciated. As long as you remember to take into account your partner’s preferences, you can be confident that they will enjoy the process of getting engaged!

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