6 Tips To Avoid Car Accidents On The Road

You don’t need any statistics to know that millions of people lose their lives in road accidents every single year. It has become a modern-day calamity that doesn’t seem to have any full-proof remedy even when it mainly emanates from human error; something that no one can entirely correct.

Regardless, we can still come up with ways and abide by the set regulations to ensure that we save as many lives as possible. By doing so, we will also be saving our own lives since by driving carelessly; you’re putting other lives in danger too.

California is home to some of the biggest and worst traffic jams. In a state with so many car owners, road accidents are bound to be high, at all times. Luckily, statistics show that there have been some slight decreases in road accidents in the past but are we working hard enough to ensure it stays that way?

So, how can we ensure to get home safely?

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1. No Cell Phone, PLEASE!

Cell phones have saved the communication world, but they have not done the same when it comes to lives. It’s a digital world where everybody lives in their smartphones, but as a driver, that can be detrimental to so many people.  When you are driving, just drive. Your phone will always be there waiting for you. The same cannot be said for your life if you are reckless.

2. Avoid Over Speeding

Even though California car accident laws are doing a great job at keeping drivers in check, Los Angeles is still reporting a high number of accidents caused by over speeding. A similar trend is seen all across the state. It seems like everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere. Before you go off running a red light just to meet an appointment, think of your life first, then think of all the lives you are endangering. You’re not only affecting yourself but others too. So, stay calm, relax.

3. Don’t Drink And Drive (Nor Let Others)

California is the home of Hollywood where alcohol, marijuana, and hard drugs are the order of the day. All these things are detrimental to road safety. So many people get pulled over for a DUI, and they end up repeating the same mistake later on. If you have had too much to drink, take a cab. Also, don’t let a drunk friend drive all of you or himself home. Be mindful of yourself and others.

4. Follow Traffic Rules

When you have been a driver for so long, sometimes you feel like you know all there is to know and you don’t need road signs and rules anymore. You feel as heaven-safe, and nothing could happen with breaking traffic rules. My dear friend, the time when you become overconfident and reckless, it is sure to cause an accident. The rules have been put in place for a reason, for your and others safety. When you ignore a red light, someone may most likely die on your arms (or worst, you end up on their arms) and that is something no one wants on their conscience.

5. Don’t Be An Angry Bird

No matter how bad your day is, don’t take it out on other drivers. Aggression on the highway will only cause a string of accidents and a very high death toll. If the person driving ahead of you is moving too slow for your liking, find a way to overtake them without causing any uproar. Throwing a tantrum may only ruin your day even further.

6. Take Good Care Of Your Car

Sometimes, the fault might not even be yours at all. A faulty engine or a tire burst might cause your worst nightmare. Make sure your vehicle is checked and serviced regularly. The moment you notice any slight problem, have it fixed. Accidents don’t necessarily mean head-on collision. A simple tire burst may cause you to run a school bus full of children off the road.

The law can only do so much. You also have to take your initiative to ensure that you are driving safely using the stipulated regulations. If every driver adopts this mentality, there will be no need for new harsh laws being introduced and everyone – or almost everyone – will get home safely and see their loved ones.

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