6 Tools To Help You Plan A Party Or Get Together

I have been planning events for over 6 years, and I must say, there are so many details to work on in order to make a party or an event a success. You need to oversee everything from the food, to the giveaways, to the invitations. In order to be able to make things happen, you will need to be very good with details, and also you must have a pool of reliable suppliers to help you. You can also hire a coordinator, but what if you do not have the resources to do that? Or, what if you prefer to do it yourself?

Thanks to technology, we can now use tools available online to help us plan the perfect party. Just a note here though, consider your theme and then give yourself about three weeks to plan in order to be sure you will have that dream party you have always wanted.

1. Party Plannr – Use PartyPlannr to create and organize who’s coming to your party.

2. Karaoke Party – Sing karaoke online and get a score based on your performance. Practice your singing and increase your score. Challenge your friends to become the next karaoke champion. All you need is a microphone, built in or connected to your computer.

3. Party Beans – PartyBeans makes creating personalized party favors and gifts easy. Pick a container, add candy, a photo, text and you’re done!

4. Twitzu – Having a meetup, get together or party? Now you can blast it out to your Twitter followers. Twitzu creates an event standard for Twitter. Using the site, twitterers can create an event page for their meetup, party, get together, etc… and send it out to their followers who can then RSVP with just a click.

5. Myinvites – This is a tool that really makes getting together easier.

6. Anyvite – Event creation should be simple, easy, and produce a quality result. Anyvite was created because people were tired of spending a long time creating mediocre, advertisement-filled invitations, which could only be viewed on the computer.

Main Image Source – Where is the Party