8 Best Grammar Checker For College Students

A grammar checker is a tool that will be very useful to save you problems. Are you having trouble writing your college essay? Grammar is not your strong suit and you need to write a university thesis? Then this tool will fit you like a glove.

It’s normal to encounter typos, punctuation, and even spelling errors when writing, which can be invisible if you don’t pay enough attention to them. And that’s where a grammar checker can come in handy, helping you find any flaws in your writing. The second option is to contact essay assistance, where they will write you a grammatically correct paper.

In this post, we detail a list of grammar checkers that will allow you to determine which one is best for you, so you can say goodbye to writing errors.

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1. Ginger

First of all, we have a very popular spell checker that also corrects all kinds of grammatical and spelling errors and also includes a translator from over 40 different languages and a thesaurus.

Ginger is a grammar checker that has a free and a premium version, with appropriate limitations, but will still allow you to check your text. On the other hand, it only works with Microsoft Word, not Google Docs.

The free version is limited to 350 characters, so you have to proofread the text piece by piece and then purchase an extension for Google Chrome. It also has an editing window with translations, a dictionary, and a thesaurus.

If your goal is to correct text in English, this is one of the best options, thanks to the translator option. This grammar checker even allows you to write text in German and then translate it into English.

You can also find Ginger in the form of an app for cell phones: the “Ginger Keyboard”, which recognizes spelling errors in texts, emails, and social media posts.

2. WhiteSmoke

Although WhiteSmoke only has paid options (both in the browser and the premium version), it is considered a very good grammar checker among those available on the market.

In addition to the aforementioned option, WhiteSmoke also has a desktop application that allows you to check up to 10,000 characters, so if your text is very long, you will have to divide it into paragraphs.

This grammar checker is responsible for checking spelling, punctuation, grammar, and style, but as a plus, it also has a tutorial, plagiarism checker, and translator feature. As stated on their platform, this grammar checker tool can offer adjectives and adverbs to improve writing.

Want to learn more about the premium version? This modality allows you to use the word proofreader in Windows, Mac, MS Office, and Gmail and includes 100 document templates and over 500 languages for translation.

3. ProWritingAid

The best essay writers claim that this grammar checker is one of the most comprehensive, as it not only allows you to check grammar and spelling but also generates detailed reports with word processing suggestions.

The free version of ProWritingAid is limited to checking 500 words online and generates only 19 reports. However, like other online spell checkers, it can be downloaded for macOS, Windows, and even as a browser extension.

Among its features are the following:

  • Correct Spelling and Grammar
  • Check punctuation and stylistic errors
  • Check plagiarism support

The real strength of this grammar checker is the fact that it provides detailed reports to identify cliches or excessive repetitive words to help you change and improve the flow of your text.

4. After The Deadline

If you are looking for a free spelling and grammar checker, this is your choice. After the Deadline is an open-source tool that is compatible with multiple platforms.

This free spell checker for personal use allows you to correct spelling, check grammar, and also check text style in an advanced way. Once this process is complete, the program provides users with type solutions that any grammar checker can offer in its premium version.

The correction process is simple, so we’ll describe it below:

  • When you have finished writing your text and want to check it, click on the “AtD” icon in the lower right corner
  • All words with errors will be underlined in red
  • You can click on each error and get suggestions on how to change it

This online spell checker is compatible with many platforms, such as WordPress, with which you can even check your site’s grammar. It also works with Google Chrome, Firefox, and OpenOffice.

And, of course, it works not only with English but also with other variants such as French, Portuguese, Spanish, and German.

5. LanguageTool

If your search for a grammar checker is focused on checking the text in English (or perhaps another language), LanguageTool is what you need. Why? Simple: because it allows you to check grammatical errors in more than 20 languages online.

LanguageTool is an English spell-checker that determines language settings by region, so you can check grammar and spelling in American, British, South African, and Australian languages.

Its free version can be used as a browser extension or in the Web version. All you have to do is type the text and click the Check Text button, and then the corrections and errors will appear.

With this grammar checker, you can not only identify what the error is but also understand why it was made. Therefore, it corrects you and allows you to learn from your mistakes. The grammar checker serves as an add-on for Google Chrome and Firefox, as well as Google Docs, Microsoft Word (premium version only), and LibreOffice.

And you thought it only worked in English? You’d be wrong: it also includes Spanish, French and Russian, as well as a dictionary that you can customize. A very complete and feature-rich proofreader, take it for granted!

6. Hemingway

In many cases, a content writer needs to know writing apps, and this is where Hemingway can be your best bet. Because, in addition to spell checking, it focuses on making sure that the text is not difficult to read.

By this, we mean that Hemingway focuses more on proofreading than on spelling or grammar checking, because it can offer comments to make the structure of the text less complicated, so he limits himself to saying when a sentence is “hard to read” or “very hard to read”.

Among the most common errors Hemingway may find are an excess of passive voice and adverbs, since his job is to help the structure of the text become simple sentences. Hemingway is free to use, but Internet access is a must. If you want to work offline, you can choose the desktop version, which costs extra money.

7. Google Docs or Microsoft Word

You might think that both Google Docs and Microsoft Word are only used as writing tools, but in fact… They can also serve as a grammar checker!

Both programs have a built-in text corrector that, while it may be somewhat basic, helps correct grammar and spelling errors, and best of all, they do it for free. The way to use this grammar checker is also very simple: as you write, if the tool finds an error, it underlines it in red. If it’s a spelling error, it highlights it in blue.

It also offers suggestions for changing the text: just click on the right button and they will be displayed, unless the word is in its dictionary and you have to look for another option. In the case of Google Docs, one of the advantages is that it allows you to work with Google Translate, with which you can translate text into 100 different languages for free!

8. NounPlus

Once again, we turn to those looking for a free grammar checker, for which NounPlus becomes the option of choice to check the meaning of sentences, which will be marked with different colors to detect errors.

The operation of this grammar checker is very simple: you only need to write or paste the text in the editor field and then click the Check button. Immediately all corrections will appear, which may not be in real-time, but will still check many aspects of the writing.

Revise text targets subjects, objects, adjectives, and predicates, which will be marked in different colors. In addition, the tool offers pronunciation examples so that you can learn how to read the word correctly.

Another advantage of this text proofreader is that it can be downloaded as a mobile app for Android and Apple systems. And for those who want to translate their texts into multiple languages, this tool is also for you, since among the languages it supports are Korean and Chinese.


The proofreader can become a kind of proofreader for everyone who writes texts. It does not matter whether you are a freelance writer, a marketing specialist, or even a student: you may need them at any time.

But don’t rely solely on the recommendations of a proofreader. Listen to your own opinion as well, and you will see how this combination will lead to you writing your essays much better in the future.

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