9 Ways To Stay In Shape That Don’t Involve The Gym

2020 wasn’t the best year for exercise junkies. The pandemic shuttered gyms around the globe for months on end. Even when they reopened, many establishments had strict hygiene and occupancy regulations. Sure, gym rats could get back into the building, but their routines were interrupted and irregular.

If you’re like most fitness fanatics, you’ve had to think beyond the four walls of your local health club to keep your sweat on this past year. This can be difficult to do, but it isn’t impossible. If you’re still struggling with the transition, here are a few of the best ways to stay in shape outside of your local fitness center.

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1. Get A Paddleboard

Even if you don’t like to get wet, you can still use the water to get some exercise. Stand up paddle boarding provides an impressive full-body workout. It’s also a great way to enjoy the peaceful tranquility of a waterfront setting without getting soaked.

2. Find An Ambulatory Pursuit

There are many ways to use your legs to exercise, even if you don’t have a treadmill available. You can walk the dog, find a hiking trail, a power walk with a friend, or go for a jog. Regardless of your capabilities and interests, there is always a form of walking that you can work into your fitness regimen. All you need to do is find a local park, quiet road, or sidewalk and you’re good to go.

3. Go Swimming

If you live near a body of water, this is a great option. If you can swim, make sure to do more than take a dip, though. Swim laps, try different strokes or get a swim partner to race against. There are plenty of ways to turn this mundane mode of aquatic transportation into an effective workout.

4. Create A Water Exercise Routine

If you only have access to a smaller body of water, you can still get that blood pumping. Things like water marching and jumping jacks provide effective workout activities. They don’t require much room and, like most routines, it’s easy to tailor them to your specific space.

5. Build A Home Workout Room

A home workout space doesn’t have to be elaborate. Nor does it have to be expensive. Try combing over a site like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace in search of second-hand exercise equipment. You can find everything from stationary bikes to treadmills, rowing machines, and even full-blown home gyms.

6. Look For The Small Challenges

Sometimes the best way to stay fit without a gym doesn’t involve a formal “routine” at all. If you’re currently social distancing by working from home, look up a good exercise routine. If you live near the office, park far away or even bike or walk to work if you can. If you’re willing to look for the small challenges, over time they’ll add up to create significant differences.

7.Utilize Workout Videos And Apps

There are many ways to get exercising inspiration online. From free Youtube videos to pricey Peloton subscriptions, you can bet there’s a workout video out there that can help motivate you. Even something as simple as a 7-Minute Workout App can be the perfect catalyst to help you focus on fitness every day.

8. Get A Fitness Tracker

Specific activities and equipment aside, it’s also wise to equip yourself with small-yet-significant tools. These can help you succeed with your fitness goals. One of the best options is a fitness tracker. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a flashy Apple Watch or a plain and simple activity tracker. Finding a way to monitor your activity is a smart way to stay on track.

9. Get An Accountability Partner

Finding a way to stay active outside of the gym is a good first step. However, it’s important not to stop there. You also need to set up an accountability system, too. Remember, you don’t have the rigid structure of a gym to keep you on track.

It can be easy to excuse the need to go for a run or skip an exercise routine. Even a fitness tracker has its accountability limitations, as you can leave it on your nightstand or allow it to run out of power.

If you truly want to maintain your physical health without going to the gym, you need greater accountability. Find another individual who is equally passionate about fitness. Explain your goals to one another. Then touch base consistently to ensure that you’re both staying fit.

Gyms are powerful fitness tools. However, they aren’t an end unto themselves. If you find that you’re avoiding gyms during the pandemic, there are still many ways to stay in shape. The important thing is that you take the time to proactively find a new routine that you can commit to.

Try a 7-Minute Workout in the morning. Go for a jog at night. Rent a paddleboard for the day. Once you find an activity that you enjoy, set up a schedule, find an accountability partner, and start sweating.

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