Activity Holidays At Club La Santa

Activity holidays at Club La Santa are the perfect way for friends, families, and individuals to relax and meet others. A sports holiday at Lanzarote is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everything.

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Activities At Club La Santa

Sports at Club La Santa Lanzarote cover an impressive variety of activities. There are football, basketball, and volleyball tournaments. There are fun activities like tennis, archery, cycling and badminton.

In total, there are over 80 activities to do at Club La Santa. And it’s not just sports. There are also amazing dining options, retail stores and so much more.

Water Sports At Club La Santa

Water sports are also available for those at Club La Santa. Their facilities are located right next to the ocean, and so it is easy for guests to set up snorkeling and diving activities.

Club La Santa provides a number of water sports, including paddleboarding, windsurfing, and sailing. The water is easily accessible from all the accommodation at Club La Santa and so it is easy for everyone to enjoy water sports without traveling very far.

Rest And Relaxation

It’s not all about sports at Club La Santa. Club La Santa is dedicated to improving personal wellness during your stay. Club La Santa has a sauna, spa, massage therapists, and a wellness center on our facilities.

Club La Santa Yoga Passes allow you to learn how to stretch and relax your body with yoga sessions under the guidance of a professional teacher.

Club La Santa Is Perfect For An Activity Holiday

If you have been stressed out about work, school, or personal matters, then you need to book an activity holiday at Club La Santa. You’ll enjoy meeting new people and revitalizing yourself. Club La Santa’s facilities are spacious, comfortable, and safe.

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