All The Facts You Ever Wanted About Valentine’s Day [Infographic]

So today is Valentine’s Day and billions of people are scurrying out to get their loved ones something they will remember for the rest of their lives.  Whether it be an object or an experience doesn’t really matter.  People are constantly searching for that original and life altering idea that will set their partner on fire and share the love for all eternity.  But as we all know, it’s easier said than done.  To come up with something special is not only time consuming, but it also involves a lot of planning if the idea has any oomph to it.  To keep it a secret; however, is one of the hardest things to do if you live together.  You want to act as if you’re doing nothing to surprise your partner. put together the ultimate Valentine’s Day facts sheet.  They present data about pretty much everything from when the first diamond ring was given to someone, to how many roses are sold on Valentine’s Day alone in the US.  So if you’re a incurable romantic, this infographic should totally float your boat if you know what I mean.

We geeks always pour over data, statistics and infographics, no matter what they are about, and this one comes as a top challenger as far as information.  As both Diana and Misty can confirm, I am a statistics fanatic, and this information was just too cool to pass up.  For all you flower buying love birds out there, now you know that buying flowers is not exactly the most original idea.  Think outside the box for a change.

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Compiled Information About Valentine's Day