Apartment On Wheels: Smallest Living To Date!

It’s like people actually are trying to fit their whole living space into a tiny box. By the looks of it, that accomplishment shouldn’t be too far off. We have seen everything, even people making their 2 bedroom apartment into a 27 room mansion. We have seen tiny houses on wheels, and also some rather interesting geek traveling options including foldable living quarters. However, when does it become too small? That might be a question that pops into our heads. Well, never!

Designer Cornelius Comanns has some ideas on how to make your entire life fit into a tiny three wheeled car. It shouldn’t be possible, but as you can see from the pictures, he managed to cramp down space so much that it actually doesn’t look like a bad idea. If you’re thinking about hosting dinner parties, gatherings and an occasional movie night, I can with certainty tell you this is not the way to go.

This concept car named “Bufalino” is nothing less than a marvel. This mini-RV has the capacity to seat two people, a stove to make your dinner, a foldable bed, a fridge, a basin that acts like a sink and a tank for water. The car is also equipped with a ton of storage space for you to bring with you whatever you feel you can’t be without during your travels. Sure, there is no shower, but that can probably be taken care of with a portable shower that you can buy at pretty much any hobby store located close to you. A life in a car, imagine the freedom! Imagine the claustrophobia. Whatever be thy choice.