Applied For Your Dream Job? – Here’s How To Nail The Interview And Get Hired

On average, a corporate job post receives nearly 250 resumes, but only 4 to 6 of these people actually get called for an interview. So, congratulations, you’re one step closer to be that one person that will be offered the job.

Yet, if you want to put the hiring manager in a position where making you an offer is obvious, you need to be one of the handful of candidates who crush the interview process. Here’s how to prepare for and nail your dream job interview:

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Do Your Research

You’ve most likely heard this before: do your research before going on an interview for a job opportunity. And, although it may sound obvious, we can’t stress this enough because it may be the factor that makes a difference between you and the other candidates. Many candidates have great resumes and a boatload of experience, but they often fail at giving the time and attention to the organization and role for which they are applying. Therefore, they fail at making the employer feel like they genuinely care about this opportunity.

So, before the interview, make sure that you gather all the background knowledge you can about the company and your dream job. You should find the answers to questions such as what the company does, who are the key individuals you’ll be interacting with during the interview process, what are the key attributes of someone in your desired position, and, most importantly, the culture of the company. It may seem like a lot of information to find, but don’t stress out. We’ll share with you the resources you can use to do your research prior to the interview.

First things first, make sure that you study the job description thoroughly to find out precisely what the company is looking for. Ignore the generalization in the description and identify the more specific skills the employer requires. Next, you can search for the company’s website, social media pages, and even LinkedIn connections to find the rest of the information you need about the company and people who work there.

Embrace The Company Culture

All hiring managers look for professional excellence when conducting interviews to find the right candidate. But that’s not all! They also look for someone who fits the company’s culture. According to the Society for Human Resources Management, poor culture fit can cost a company between 50 to 60% of the employee’s annual salary.

And, that’s because several studies show that an employee who doesn’t fit the company’s culture, will not only be less productive but may also affect the entire team’s efficiency. So, if you want to nail your job interview and get hired, you should spend some time on embodying the organization’s culture.

Research the ins and outs of the company on the website, on social media posts, and you can even read positive employee reviews to determine the company’s culture. Next, during your job interview, demonstrate to the hiring manager that you’re a culture fit by providing examples and answers that promote the same values and goals of the company.

Try To Remain Calm

We get it, job interviews are stressful, especially when the “prize” is your dream job. Yet, shaky hands, a quivery voice, and millions of thoughts going through your mind all at once will make you unable to deliver compelling answers to the questions of the hiring manager.

Now, the HR professionals know that you’re nervous, as they have also been in your position in the past. Yet, what they are looking for is to see how you deal with all the stress and emotions. A candidate that can work through their anxiety and remain focused on giving great answers is most likely a candidate that can also handle on-the-job pressure.

This means that you need to try your best to remain as calm as possible during the interview. Think of your interview as a normal conversation about your dream job, rather than a meeting from which you may or may not get hired. Also, no matter how nervous you may be, try to maintain eye contact with the hiring manager throughout the interview and speak with confidence.

Rehearse Your Interview

This is no brainer: the more preparation you do prior to the job interview, the more relaxed you will feel on the day of your meeting. If you are a shy person and think that you may become anxious during the interview, it is twice as important to rehearse. Think of the most common interview questions and prepare excellent answers for them.

Next, think of interview questions that can feel a tad awkward and prepare for them as well. Yet, preparing the content for the interview is not enough. You also need to practice your tone, attitude, and even body language. Practice, practice, practice is the way to go. So, rehearse your interview until you feel confident enough in your answers and your attitude.

Ask The Right Questions

There comes a time during the interview when the hiring manager will allow you to ask your questions about the job position. And, our advice is to make sure that you ask the right questions about the work you will be doing in the company and avoid asking questions about vacation days or salary.

Wait until after you receive an offer from the hiring manager, and then you can negotiate all you want. But, until then, make sure that your questions show that you are genuinely interested in how you can add value to the company.

Send A Thank-You Email

It’s no brainer that sending a thank you email after being offered an interview is simply just polite. But it can also set you apart from other candidates. Patrick Algrim, CEO of, told us, “Sending a thank you email after your interview is a way to show your professionalism, show you care about the position you applied for and increase your chances of receiving employment details by more than 45%. So, taking this extra step may help you make it clear that you very much want this job and appreciate the opportunity of an interview given to you by the company.

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