The Best Online Activities For Catching Up With Friends This Christmas

The nights are drawing in and it’s only a matter of time before the Coca-Cola advert starts being played on our TV screens again. Which means only one thing – it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

It’s always a fun time for catching up with friends and family, and while seeing them in person is of course always preferred, there are plenty of ways we can catch up online these days, and also enjoy a range of different activities.

If you and your friends live in various parts of the country, or even world, then the likes of Zoom and the many online ways of communicating are so important to us. And you can certainly get the festive feeling and enjoy a Christmas party or two with them.

But what are the best online activities you should be enjoying over a catch up with friends this holiday season?

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Virtual Murder Mystery

It feels like every other big US TV drama these days is a murder mystery, so why not get into the spirit of those with your very own murder mystery. Most of us will know the concept of a murder mystery evening, but perhaps didn’t know that they can even be enjoyed virtually these days.

Many companies are set up to run these online and they will certainly spice up any Zoom call.

Online Casino Games

Of course, the poker night is a staple of many friendship groups and an online casino night is a great way to enjoy something virtually with friends. There are dozens of online casino sites to play with these days, many of which have live chats in games as well as live dealers through a video feed, making it more like the real thing than ever before.

Online casino nights are common place with people living a distance away from each other these days, and always a good idea with a group of three to six people.

Quiz Night!

Similarly, quiz nights are so easy to do online these days and you’ll find tons of different software providers offering them to do together, or you could make one up yourself.

If someone wishes to be the dedicated quiz master you can create some fantastic quizzes, putting as much effort in as you like. Fancy getting the tux out and presenting in style, you go for it! Just don’t forget the prizes for the winner…

Video Game Tournament

One for the gamers, a video game tournament is a solid way to get the competitive spirit flowing, and there are so many console games these days that can be enjoyed multiplayer and online.

The likes of FIFA, Madden and sports games are perfect for this, with you able to set up proper tournament formats that can be played all the way to the final, when two friends go head-to-head. May the best gamer win! And remember, sportsmanship is a must. You don’t want to spoil Christmas after all.

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