Best Ways To Keep Your Digestive System Healthy

Keeping the digestive system healthy and properly functioning is a must. It’s a system that requires proper care; otherwise, you might run into unnecessary issues later on in your life, which can be easily solved with a good diet plan and slight lifestyle changes. This is especially important for people that have issues like IBS or have a generally sensitive digestive system.

Don’t Skip Out On Fibre

There are two types of fiber, both of which are incredibly helpful to the digestive system. Insoluble fiber, which is the one that absorbs water and is responsible for your stool, and soluble, which makes sure that there are no blockages in the digestive tract.

Eating foods like legumes, nuts, and seeds are great for soluble fiber, while whole grains contain plenty of soluble fiber. A diet that has high counts of fiber leads to a much lower risk of plenty of issues like hemorrhoids, ulcers, and even IBS.

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Always Stay Hydrated

Water is essential for the entire body, as it keeps pretty much everything healthy. Lower water consumption usually leads to constipation, and the average recommended amount of water a day is about 2 liters.

However, you don’t have to drink water solely, as herbal teas and seltzer water are also useful to supplement regular water. Even fruits and vegetables are great for increasing the amount of water in your body, like zucchini, celery, tomatoes, peaches, and many more.

Consult With Doctors

A lot of people are afraid to consult with doctors whenever they have an issue with their digestive system. However, that’s usually a mistake, especially if your problems seem to be present for a more extended period of time, or cause you pain. That’s why you should always consult with gastroenterology specialists that you trust, like Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Private Healthcare.

Keep Your Stress At A Minimum

Stress management is an essential part of keeping your digestive system healthy. That’s because stress hormones can negatively affect your digestion due to your body feeling like it’s in a fight or flight situation.

Whenever the body feels like that it prevents from fully resting, and blood is being diverted away from the digestive system, leaving it vulnerable for all sorts of issues to arise. Things like yoga, behavioral therapy, and relaxation training can be very effective, but you do have to find the one that works the best for you.

Chew Your Food Thoroughly

Chewing your food properly means that the stomach will have an easier time digesting the pieces. It’s always said that digestion starts in the mouth because it all begins with saliva. More chewing means more saliva, which in the end results in smaller pieces of food making it down the digestive system that had already started digesting with the saliva, which makes sure that food passes easier towards the intestines.

The entire digestive system is one complicated aspect of the human body. It absolutely requires attention and care, but a small diet change is rarely enough. Active lifestyle changes, even small ones, tend to improve the health of the digestive system vastly.

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