Carbon Fibre Heels: Strongest High Heels Ever Created!

How many times in the movies have you seen a woman running for her life, or to catch a bus, and all of a sudden one of her heels breaks off? Of course, she misses the bus or gets caught, but nevertheless, her heel broke off. Since I don’t wear high heels, I don’t know if it happens a lot, or if it is just fictional, but there should surely exist a shoe material stronger than wood that does not break for whatever reason.

It just so happens that it does exist. Zuzan Serbak from Prague, Czech Republic has created what must be the strongest high heels ever conceived. They are made out of solid carbon fibre and come in several different styles. None of them are anything you have ever seen before.

With a futuristic touch, and a slight brush of comic shapes, they are sure to strike a conversation with just about everyone that you encounter on your rush to the bus. However, if you women should find yourself running for your lives, well, let me give you some advice… take OFF the shoes and run, you’ll see that your chances will increase heavily! #JustSaying