Brainology: 15 Intriguing Facts About Your Brain [Infographic]

It’s easy to get lost in all the tools, apps and optimizations that mobile gadgets and new technology offer. We talk so much about the utilization of stuff that we sometimes forget the most important tool of them all, our brains. Without it, there is little hope we could ever do anything at all. What does an app matter if you don’t have the brains to use it, right? That’s why I wanted to dedicate an article to the most powerful tool of them all and present you with a bit of brainology for education purposes.

When you think about it, how much do you really know about your own brain? For example, did you know that your brain is made up of about 75% water? It shouldn’t come as a surprise considering our entire bodies consist of about 60% water. The term brainology comes in handy when we’re talking about the brain since there is no real word for how to describe the knowledge of the brain, or at least that I know about personally. It’s a way for us to focus on the more factual parts of one of the most important assets we have as humans.

I find it quite interesting to know that during one day, we have an average of around 50,000-70,000 thoughts. The question is whether or not you know about them all. They could of course be anything, but if someone tells you that you are lazy, you can just pull out that tidbit of knowledge and cut the conversation short. After all, how can someone dealing with 70,000 thoughts a day be lazy, right?

There are a few projects around the world that focus on creating an artificial brain that is able to mimic the speed and complexity of our own brains. With the creation of virtual neurons, scientists and researchers are trying to replicate the complex thought patterns of an average human being. When we are able to get a computer to do that, we’ll have our first real artificial intelligence. When that will happen remains to be seen of course. But for now, we are left learning about our own brainology and how we can further increase our intelligence. Don’t neglect the most powerful tool in the world. It’s delicate and needs nutrition and nourishment. [Infographic presented by EyeCandy Infographic].

Brainology Tidbits For Every Geek to Know

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