How We Use Our Brains [Infographic]

I don’t know how many times a day I stumble over the fact that we’re only using 20% of our brain while 80% is utter gray matter that is constantly idle. If we’re only using this little of our brains, what could possibly be hiding in the other 80%? Maybe it is purely for development, or maybe it’s for storing larger and more detailed information for the future. The thought must have struck scientists and researchers before that the fantastic and impressive nature in itself has actually calculated the possibility that we’ll evolve into a far more intelligent species; and therefore, blessed us with a potential far greater than that which we have today.

After watching the movie Limitless not too long ago, the thoughts of a greater potential started playing in my mind, as it did everyone else who watched the movie, I am sure. Is there some divine section of our brains that we have yet to tap into or is it all just humbug? Well, obvious is the fact that we’re only using 20% of our brain’s capacity, and we can only speculate about what the other 80% is. We will of course try and tap into this divine potential, but I am pretty sure that it will not be through any kind of substance brewed and packaged into a pill.

When looking at this Limitless movie infographic, you start to elaborately think about the unlimited potential we could harness if we could only… yeah, that’s exactly what I mean. If we could only… because we don’t know. Maybe someday we will experience the glorious euphoria of tapping into the hidden and quite mysterious parts of our own minds. If you are interested in knowing a little more about how our brains really work then you will find this infographic truly interesting. Remember, exercising your brain every day is important because no matter how many brain cells you lose, you will always be able to generate new neurons throughout your life. However, they won’t come by themselves. They will come by exercising that brain of yours.

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How We Use Our Brains