Coffee vs. Tea: The Health Benefits Compared

Anyone who has been following me on Twitter for some time knows that I am a heavy drinker of tea. I basically live on the stuff, and I am sometimes certain that when I die, all they will find in my veins is flowing tea. I love the smell, the taste, and the way it refreshes my mind in a lot of different ways. I sound like an addict, and in some ways, I guess I am.

The main reason I drink tea is because I used to be a huge consumer of Coca Cola, which caused some serious complications at one point. I reevaluated the reason I drank so much Coke and decided that enough was enough. Even though I feel a strong urge to have a glass of Coke every once in a while, I instead escape to the land of tea. Not only is way better since it has no sugar in it, but it’s actually healthy to drink as well. They wouldn’t drink millions of tons of tea each year in China if it wasn’t any good.

The surprising fact here is that lately there has been some serious research comparing tea and coffee. Researchers have found that coffee actually holds almost the same health benefits as tea, only in greater concentration. This doesn’t mean that coffee is better, only that it is not bad for you. The health benefits, when it comes to tea and coffee, are many and some say that both actually bear the same medicinal effect as chocolate when it comes to preventing pancreatic cancer.

However, don’t go and think that just because you’re drinking coffee and tea that you have prevented any and all future illnesses. That would make them miracle drugs that you would then need, and even though tea and coffee have some very beneficial characteristics, they should not be considered medical cures. They merely help you more efficiently consume the necessary substances that help your body stay healthy… or something like that. I am not a professor on the subject, but maybe this really informative and quite interesting infographic from PolicyExpert will help you understand the ins and outs of drinking coffee and tea. So, what’s your choice? I don’t have to tell you mine, as you already know by now, but it would be cool to see if the Bit Rebels readers are tea or coffee fanatics. Or, maybe our readers are even soda drinkers of magnitude.

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Coffee vs Tea health Benefits