Common Products Used For Your Facial Care

For over the years, people always prioritize the importance of beauty and physical appearance. It was only recently when this traditional mindset was slowly being abolished, and the idea of accepting yourself more is being established. Yet, caring for oneself is still a necessity in spite of it being stigmatized by the wrong information and understanding of the people.

Skincare is a way to prevent and treat your skin from impurities and damages. Specifically, facial care helps maintain the healthiness of your face’s features, such as the lips and eyelashes. Having the appropriate products to use in your skin could also lessen the risk of having dermatitis, acne outbreaks, oily skin, and dry skin.

And if you are having problems regarding your skin, then listed below are some of the common products used for facial care; knowing these things could help you have an idea of what better products to use for your skin type.

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Moisturizers are products typically used to hydrate your dry skin. This works on the uppermost layer of the skin called stratum corneum by enhancing it to function more effectively. Since stratum corneum is mainly comprised of skin cells, oil, and fat, applying the proper amount of moisturizers would keep the moisture on your skin and thus prevents it from drying out.


Cleansers are products used to clean the skin. It is intended to remove dead skin cells, soil, make-up, dirt, and other pollutants clinging on the skin. Investing in an excellent cleanser for your oily skin also prevents it from having skin conditions like acne because it helps unclog your pores. Sometimes, some cleansers are too strong for your skin type, thus to avoid irritations and allergic reactions, ask a dermatologist first for a piece of advice.


The serum is a product used to help your skin healthy. This is applied after using the cleanser to deliver active ingredients into your skin before applying moisturizers. Moreover, this product serves as the energy booster of the skin because it is composed of helpful molecules such as vitamin C, peptides, and prescription retinoids or retinol. If the serum is dominant of growth factors and peptides, then it is advisable to apply it in the morning, and if it is dominant with retinol, then night time is when it works best.


People have different skin types. Some may have sensitive acne-prone skins, while others may have dry and mature skin. Thus, before following your idol’s skincare routines, it is better to know your skin type first and have an idea of what products are the best fitting for you.

Moreover, do not hesitate to invest in an excellent cleanser for your oily skin and buying high-quality moisturizers for your dry skin because, for sure, you’ll be able to achieve the healthy skin you’ve been dreaming of. Just make sure to take things in moderation and have a lot of patience when working out your beauty care.

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