Common Tips On How To Plant Indoor Hippeastrum

Not everyone knows that the hippeastrum is the hybrid of the indoor amaryllis. This flower appeared in Europe in 1799, and since then, the development of new varieties continues. Hippeastrum naturally grows in the tropics and subtropics of America, in particular, in the Amazon basin. It defines the approach to the cultivation of the flower since it requires less watering and more sunlight. How to plant hippeastrum at home — read below.

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Background Information

  • Blooming: August-September.
  • Dormant period: from October to January.
  • Lighting: bright, diffused light.
  • Temperature: 17-25 °C.
  • Watering: at the beginning of the growing season — poor, with the appearance of a peduncle — abundant, but not excessive.
  • Reproduction: seeds, bulbs.

The indoor hippeastrum has several features that must be taken into account. In the summertime, this plant is better to keep in the garden. Each flower blooms for only ten days. To speed up this process, only large bulbs should be used because they have accumulated numerous nutrients. Some online shops even put hippeastrum bulbs for sale, so you can make this purchase beneficially.

How To Take Care Of Hippeastrum

You need to keep the plant in a well-lit place (on the southern, southeastern, or southwestern windowsill), protecting the flower from the direct sunlight. In the summer, the hippeastrum feels great in the fresh air, but you will have to arrange it in a way that it does not suffer from excess watering.

At the beginning of the growing season, it is worth poorly watering the hippeastrum, gradually increasing the amount of water when the peduncle appears. This is a signal that the plant has begun the growing season. As soon as the flower arrow grows and before the flowering begins, it is recommended to increase watering so that the soil in the pot is moist, but not wet.

How To Make Hippeastrum Bloom

For hippeastrum to bloom for sure, there are several tricks that we are ready to share with you:

  1. The bulbs can be treated with 43-45 °C hot water for three hours before planting. After such a temperature extreme, the plant blooms in three weeks.
  2. Stop watering the plant from August, move it to a dry, dark place, and keep it there until the end of January. Then restart watering, and enjoy the flowering in 1.5 months.
  3. Cut off all the leaves in July and do not water it for a month. With the first watering, fertilize it with a complex top dressing.

Sometimes, the flower doesn’t bloom due to a lack of nutrients, because the hippeastrum requires a lot of them. Meanwhile, there is little soil in the pot, so it quickly loses its properties. For this reason, fertilizing, as well as watering, should be sufficient and regular.

In Conclusion

Now you know the basic information about the growing hippeastrum at home. Share your tips on planting this flower with us, and ask your questions in the comments.

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