Compact Treadmill vs Traditional Treadmill: Guide To Choosing The Right One For You

If you’re too busy or tired to hit the gym daily, one good alternative is buying a treadmill for home. In fact, recent studies have shown that more than 60 million people worldwide own a treadmill in their households!

But there are so many different types of treadmills available in the market, so which one will be ideal for you? This article will walk you through the pros and cons of compact treadmills vs. traditional ones.

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1. What Is A Compact Treadmill?

A compact treadmill is also known as a foldable treadmill. This is the same as your regular treadmill, except that it can be folded and stored in your house without taking up too much space.

When people set out to buy a treadmill at home, most of them prefer a compact one for obvious reasons. After your workout, you can neatly fold it and keep it in the corner of a room until you unfold it again.

Compact treadmills are also easier to move around because they have wheels underneath. So you can easily move it around and clean the space that it occupies, thereby getting rid of dirt and dust.

2. What Is A Traditional Treadmill?

As the name suggests, a traditional treadmill is a non-foldable one. Even though you can’t move them around or fold them at your convenience, they are sturdier and more user-friendly.

This is why you’ll notice a lot of gym trainers and professional athletes working out on traditional treadmills instead of compact ones. They are also slightly more expensive than foldable ones due to their overall quality and higher motor power.

Traditional treadmills can support the user’s weight for a longer period, which means you can work out smoothly for hours.

3. How To Choose On The Basis Of Space

Compact treadmills will be the ideal choice if you have limited space in your house. Since you can fold them, they won’t take up the majority of the room.

On the other hand, traditional treadmills, no matter how compact they are, tend to take up much more floor space, which can be difficult for small homes.

However, if you have a big house or a room dedicated solely to working out, you can definitely buy a non-foldable treadmill. For medium-sized rooms, a foldable treadmill will be a better choice since it helps to save space.

4. How To Choose On The Basis Of Performance?

Performance in a treadmill is mostly related to its motor power. The larger the motor, the better the power and performance. In this case, traditional treadmills have an advantage over compact ones because they have better motor power.

This means you can work out more smoothly on a traditional treadmill. The treadmill’s continuous horsepower (CHP) indicates its motor power, so if you have a motorized treadmill, you’ll see how efficient it is.

Non-folding treadmills aren’t meant for continuous use as their motor power is not high.

5. How To Choose On The Basis Of Safety?

When it comes to safety protocols, foldable treadmills require more precaution and care. This is because they are equipped with safety locks, which, if not handled well, can lead to damage or someone’s injury.

Even though traditional treadmills also come with standard safety protocols, they are easier to handle and are less prone to accidents. Nowadays, you’ll find many compact treadmills that come with child-safety locks, but even then, electronic systems can fail at any time and pose a threat.

So if you wish to choose on the basis of safety, traditional ones are better.

3. How To Choose On The Basis Of Price?

When you’re considering buying a treadmill, its price will definitely be one of your top priorities. Here again, you’ll find different models of both compact and traditional treadmills priced differently. But generally, traditional ones cost less than foldable ones.

However, if you’re looking for a treadmill with high-tech features and a moderate price, compact ones will probably be a better choice since non-foldable treadmills don’t often come with advanced features.

So the more cost-effective option would be to go for the compact treadmills.

Over to you…

Both compact and traditional treadmills have their own pros and cons, depending on the factors you take into account. However, it’s always best to visit a store and check out the features of both these treadmills before you buy one.

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