Complete Moving Guide To Lisbon, Portugal

The capital city of Portugal is a growing financial center in Europe. Its strategic location and vibrant financial sector, thanks to the influx of container ports in the area, mean that a lot of people have decided to make the city their next home as well.

To make sure that your transition to becoming a Lisbon resident is as seamless as possible, here is a complete birds-eye view on the five main factors you need to consider before you can settle in.

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Make Sure You Can Make The Move

First, check if you can legally move to Portugal even if you are not a citizen of the European Union (EU). It is recommended that you invest in an immigration lawyer. This way, all the information you receive will be accurate. Take the time to do your research and verify the credentials of whoever you choose to consult. Moving to a new country can be incredibly time-consuming and cumbersome. You would not want your efforts to go to waste because of the wrong information or the wrong people.

Securing Your Tax Identification Number

Your Número de Identificação Fiscal (NIF) is an important document that allows you to legally work, get a place to stay, pay your utilities, and get a phone subscription. This can be obtained by visiting the nearest tax agency, or Finanças, with your ID and proof of address.

If you are not a resident or you are from outside the EU, you may need to appoint a fiscal representative. They will accompany you to get your NIF.

Working In Portugal

Currently, the local job market is incredibly welcoming and on the rise. Portugal’s local economy is witnessing the setup of many new startups and tech companies. This industry, in particular, is very open to hiring ex-pats.

If you specialize in other, more traditional sectors, then it is recommended that you learn some Portuguese. This will give you a big advantage. If you know other languages, then you may be able to find work in the tourism sector.

Take note that Portugal requires all workers to contribute to social security. Your contribution will offer protection from the Portuguese Social Security in the following circumstances: unemployment, old age, sickness, maternity and paternity, invalidity, work injuries, and death.

Finding A Place To Stay In Lisbon

Lisbon, being both a capital city and holding immense promise in the financial sector, is poised to welcome more people from all over the world. This means that there is more real estate development happening within the area, to accommodate the influx of tourists, ex-pats, and businesses.

Portugal is a common destination for students and ex-pats moving to the country for short-term stays, so there are many options for both short and long-term rentals throughout Lisbon.


Keep in mind that renting an apartment in Portugal requires you to have a fiscal number. In Portugal, this number is required for certain official tasks, such as paying taxes and studying. EU residents can apply for a fiscal number by visiting a local tax office with their official passports. Non-EU individuals need to apply through a fiscal or legal representative.

The increased demand for furnished-rental housing means that there are plenty of opportunities to find safe places to stay as an ex-pat. And if you are planning to move to Lisbon, you’ve made a great choice!

Retiring In Portugal

While it is true that the cost of housing and property, in general, has risen in the past few years, Portugal remains one of the most affordable countries in western Europe. When it comes to food, the average amount you spend on groceries is €200 a month anywhere in the country.

As mentioned previously, certain real estate investments can also grant residency. The low cost of living and easy access to residency status, amongst other factors, is what makes Portugal so popular for young and old people alike.

Reasons To Move To Lisbon, Portugal

English Is Widely Spoken

If you are planning to move to another country, then one of the first recommendations is always to learn the local language. Some countries have a high language barrier. This makes it difficult to make friends, do business, and adjust to the local culture.

However, Portugal is not one of those countries, especially when you are in the capital city. You won’t have any problems related to the language barrier when mingling with the locals, especially with the youth!

Great Weather, Even In Winter

When you are in Lisbon, you can look forward to more than 300 sunny days every year! Even in the middle of December, the skies are a bright blue and perfect for a leisurely stroll. The mild weather is a popular reason behind why people choose to move to Lisbon, as it makes outdoor activities like picnics in the park accessible year-round.

Well-Connected For Future Travels

Lisbon has a booming airport and it’s the perfect place to pick up some discounted flights to Europe and Africa. The city has its own airport, so you do not have to account for additional commutes before your flight.

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