How Computers Can Exacerbate Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are never a nice condition to have. They cause discomfort, pain, itchiness and literally intrude in your well-being. The word comes from the Latin “Haemorrhoidae” which dissected means blood (Haemo) and flowing (Rhoidae). Did you know that sitting at your computer all day can not only worsen your hemorrhoids but actually brings them on? The following will cover the causes of hemorrhoids and how to solve them.

There are certain causes of hemorrhoids or piles, as some refer to it. These causes are.

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1.  Sitting For Too Long

When you sit at your computer the whole day, it is highly probable that you will worsen any kind of onset or condition of hemorrhoids. As you are positioned in one place for such a long period of time – and this can be 8 hours a day or longer, enormous pressure is being applied on your rear and this, in effect, will only worsen things in the worst possible ways.

Solution: Take standing breaks for at least 15 minutes in relation to every 45 minutes that you spend time at your computer. Make sure you walk around a bit and when you are ready to sit down. Have a small, soft cushion close by in case your desk chair is not comfortable enough as this will ease your hemorrhoids.

2.  Bad Lifestyle

If your life consists of no exercise with too many trips to the coffee machine and cola to wash down hamburgers during all lunch breaks, something is gonna give. When you have a diet that gives you no fiber, awful bouts of constipation will occur and this will lead to too much strain during bowel movements. Also, too many cigarettes and alcohol will just prove to be toxic to your body and won’t help towards faster healing of your hemorrhoids.

Solution: Add vegetables and fruit to your diet that will up your fiber. Foods such as split peas, lentils, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and peas are particularly good for you. Cut back on toxins such as cigarettes and alcohol. Also treat your hemorrhoids orally with natural supplements such as HemClear. Check out HemClear reviews to discover more!

3.  Bowel Movement Pressure Can Cause Hemorrhoids

This is the reason most problems with hemorrhoids occur. When straining during your bowel movements, blood will flow hard and fast into the rectal veins and arteries. This will then result in veins that swell which push against anal walls. Not a nice picture at all. Weakened anal muscles occur, and then they eventually start poking out the anal walls. If you have never had hemorrhoids before this can really shock and surprise you and will feel extremely uncomfortable.

Solution: Try to be as gentle on your body as possible during bowel strain. Stay hydrated to prevent constipation as much as possible.

4.  Excessive Weight

If you carry a lot of weight around you gravity is going to do its thing and will naturally put a lot of stress on your veins inside your rectum. This will then lead to arteries and veins that will become swollen and this will either lead to or worsen hemorrhoids. Cutting back on fat will really help and if you love your sweets and puddings, find healthy alternatives that taste similar but add nutrition instead of causing more weight gain. Also, by not engaging in any exercise you are not doing your body any favors. Obviously, you don’t want to spend too much time on the bike but light jogging or taking brisk walks will be healthy for you and will get your heart rate up and blood pumping. Exercise actually aids towards the healing and prevention of hemorrhoids.

Solution: Get exercising – even if it means walking around more for an extra half an hour a day. Easy solutions are taking the steps instead of the elevator or escalator and walking instead of catching the bus.

You don’t need to be afraid of either getting or experiencing hemorrhoids. What matters most is your approach towards them. If you are a computer junkie just be aware of the problems that lie within and take the necessary steps to avoid further problems!

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