Contractors Everyone Should Have On Speed Dial

As a homeowner, you may sometimes need emergency remodeling or immediate fixes if any aspect of your home malfunctions. It can be a bit of hassle looking for someone trustworthy in such situations, especially if you live in a city where there are many independent contractors.

As a general rule of thumb, having the numbers of a couple of contractors whom you trust on hand is not only going to ensure that you are safe from scams, but it will also save you some money since you’d be their loyal customer. Here are some contractors you’ll want to have on speed dial.

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Roof problems can be quite difficult to fix if the person you hire is not a professional. Having a roofer on speed dial will prevent you from having to deal with unknown contractors who ask for copious amounts of money and do not give you the quality you want.

Roofers will aid you in a variety of tasks such as retiling your roof, as well as providing insulation. If you are living in a city such as Los Angeles, where a home’s facade is exceptionally important, then it is even more important to look for a trustworthy roofer who will be able to do all types of roofing services for an affordable price.

Professionals at state that the more experience the roofing company you are using has, the better the service provided since they have dealt with all kinds of roofing needs and have been successful throughout the years. Experienced contractors will easily install roofs, shingles, do roof repairs, and even add spray insulation if needed.

Pest Control

If you have a yard or if you have had past experiences with a bug or pest infestations, you need to have a pest control contractor on speed dial. If you live somewhere near woods or a park, you might encounter more pests than other homeowners.

To take the necessary steps to get rid of these animals or insects in the safest way possible, both for your family and for your home, you will need professional help. Pest control can vary in prices, so it is good to have a trustworthy contractor on hand to avoid paying for a service that they offer for a more affordable price to past customers or people who they referred to.


Electrical issues are very common to have, no matter where you live. Having an electrician on speed dial will ensure that you do not have to wait for long to get your issues fixed. Having an electrician on hand will allow you to set up an electrical appliance such as an air conditioner or ceiling fan, or simply adding more electrical outlets for you to use throughout your home. Working with electricity can be quite dangerous, any misstep can result in getting an electric shock or worse, so leaving it to a professional is the best option for you.


No one loves fixing their plumbing. It can get messy; not to mention you may end up making the issue ten times worse than it was at the beginning. Any plumbing work such as tightening a pipe joint can be done easily, however, if there is a leakage issue or your drainage system is not working properly, you better call in a plumber quickly if you don’t want a disgusting crisis on your hand.

HVAC Contractor

People often forget the importance of having an HVAC contractor to call. Your heating and cooling systems require maintenance at constant intervals of time. If you don’t regularly contact an HVAC contractor to check up on your home’s cooling and heating systems, you may want to do so since leaving them without maintenance for long periods of time may cause irreparable damage. If you live in an old home, then you may need to call an HVAC contractor regularly anyway due to the problems one faces with older cooling and heating systems.

Lawn Care/Snow Remover

If you have a yard or driveway, then you need to have a lawn care/snow removal contractor on speed dial. A lawn that is uncared for can cause more damage than you realize since it allows pests to linger and can be home for bugs that are harmful to your pets.

Having someone on hand to keep your lawn trimmed will not only ensure that your yard looks tidy but also safe for your children and pets. While you could shovel snow on your own, it can get tedious and you could get injured trying to get the snow off your driveway without slipping and falling.

Now you can ensure that you have these professional contractors on speed dial. Even if you don’t require the services of one right now, you will be sure to need them in the future at some point. It is better to be safe than sorry so try building rapport with reliable and trusted contractors so that they can give you discounts and a higher priority if or when you need them.

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