Lifehack: How To Make An Emergency Candle From Butter & Toilet Paper

We’ve written about tons of lifehacks on Bit Rebels, but when I saw this one, I thought it was particularly useful. During an emergency, when the electricity is off, it’s important to have a way to charge our mobile devices to keep in touch with loved ones. Tons of those type of devices and lifehacks have published over the past year. But what about something as simple as light? With no electricity, we also need a way to navigate. If your flashlight isn’t working, this lifehack can help.

In this video, you’ll see how you can make an emergency candle (or an everyday candle if you like the scent of butter) from a stick of butter and a piece of toilet paper. In other words, if you are stuck in your house with no electricity, if you can find these two things, you can make a light source.

As you’ll see, some lighter fluid would be helpful too, but if you can’t find your way to the garage to get that, just using the candle and the toilet paper will work too. I would think a stick of butter (or a partial stick as you’ll use in this lifehack) would burn super fast, but apparently it will burn for several hours (especially if your butter is frozen).

So, put a stick of butter in your freezer and a roll of toilet paper in the cabinet under your kitchen sink. If you are ever without power and your flashlight isn’t working for whatever reason, you’ll have a backup method for creating a light source. As you see in the pictures, it doesn’t look that bad either. I suppose some people might want to make these to use in their homes in non-emergency situations. These candles would definitely spark an interesting conversation.

Lifehack: How To Make An Emergency Candle MacGyver Style





Via: [Design Taxi]