Correlation Between Intelligence & Drinking Alcohol [Infographic]

Over the years, there have been a lot of studies about the correlation between intelligence and our predisposition to certain personality traits, but I didn’t know until today that a person’s IQ is also related to how much alcohol he or she drinks. At least that is true if you believe the results of this study, which points to that conclusion. More specifically, it states that your intelligence at age 16 is a strong indicator of how much and how often you will drink alcohol throughout adulthood.

This infographic is called Drunken Geniuses, and it’s by It looks at the correlation between intelligence and alcohol use, and it suggests that the higher IQ you have, the more you will drink. It’s a pretty lofty claim, and one that they defend in their corresponding blog post, which you can read by clicking on the link above. It’s a pretty good read.

The information is based on over 55 years of research in the States and the UK. In this study, they took into consideration about 18 other demographic variables including things like gender, race, religion, marital status, education, depression, medication, etc. They compared very smart people to very ‘dull’ people to find that the ones with the higher IQs were likely to get drunk 4 times more often and bing drink 3 times more often.

If you’ve never thought about the correlation between intelligence and alcohol use (or abuse) before, check out this infographic and tell us what you think. Is it correct for you? Remember, just because it says ‘dull’ people are less likely to drink as much – don’t take that to mean that if you don’t drink alcohol you are dull. Those statistics aren’t interchangeable if you know what I mean. Just saying.

The Correlation Between Intelligence & Drinking Alcohol

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Via: [Geekologie]