Covid 19 Crisis And Role Of Cleaning Professionals

There is no doubt: the disinfection of COVID-19 has become one of the most demanded services lately. One of the reasons for the enormous growth in demand for coronavirus disinfection services is the fact that companies need it in practically all sectors, both public and private settings.

The offices, means of transport, health centers, institutional buildings need continuous disinfection to continue operating. The productivity and even survival of many companies depend on their facilities. Companies need to make it as hygiene as possible for workers, customers, and suppliers.

In short: the economy, health, and education must continue to function. And for this, the daily battle against COVID-19 waged by many disinfection companies is crucial. For these types of companies offering disinfection services involves not only a lot of work but also a great responsibility.

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How Should Cleaning Professional Clean Your Building?

The disinfection of COVID-19 is a complicated task. Technicians must be equipped with approved PPE and carry out their work carefully. The health of all the people who will pass through that place only a few hours later depends on it.

And how is this work done? In many cases, disinfection interventions involve misting a mixture of water and disinfectant products.

In the case of households, and according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, the ideal one is to use a sodium hypochlorite solution with 1000 ppm of active chlorine.

In any case, professional disinfection companies increasingly use modern cleaning as the most effective technique to deal with the coronavirus says Fathima Jasmine, a Cleaning Company Dubai disinfection services operations expert. Ozonizer, for example, can eliminate the virus quickly and efficiently. It is also a form of ecological disinfection, harmless both for people and for our environment.

Clean The Facilities, Not Only Disinfect It

If there is no hygiene, disinfection will not be sufficient. Therefore, a coronavirus disinfection company should also be concerned with maintaining cleanliness in any facility.

Although we mostly are talking about the disinfection of facilities, premises, and means of transportation, the disinfection of COVID-19 in common areas, the cleaning of public spaces (streets, squares, etc.) is also a service every more demanded and. Of course, we highly recommend you to call us for it when necessary.

Preventive Measures For The Protection Of Your Staff

Once the existence of a possible contaminated area has been confirmed to us, workers access these areas for surface cleaning should strictly follow the protective measures. This is for controlling and reducing the transmission of the coronavirus.

They must protect themselves with the necessary protective equipment according to the level of risk to which they are exposed. Wearing a mask is one of the examples.

Hand hygiene should be performed after contact with contaminated surfaces or equipment and after removing the personal protective equipment necessary for each case. Hand hygiene is the primary measure of infection prevention and control.

It must be done according to the correct technique. Wearing gloves do not exempt you from performing proper hand hygiene after removal. It is advisable to wear short and neat nails, avoiding the use of rings, bracelets, wristwatches, or other decorations. Gloves must be worn at all times for cleaning activities.

Close your mouth and nose with your forearm flexed or with a discarded tissue as you cough or sneeze (throw aside immediately). Stop rubbing your head, nose, and mouth with your hands at all times.

Other recommendations are:

  • Scrub areas with soap and water, and using a disinfectant.
  • Soap and water washing decreases on the skin, the number of germs, pollutants, and impurities. Disinfection destroys surface bacteria.
  • Clean regularly hit surfaces daily.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting may be used more often, depending on the degree of usage.
  • Public areas and items, such as carts for shopping and sales keypads, should be washed and disinfected before each usage.
  • Contaminated areas include chairs, doorknobs, light switches, shelves, handles, handles, monitors, telephones, toilets, taps, baths, etc.


To proceed with the disinfection and cleaning treatment, the company must have a hygiene protocol.

At the beginning of the cleaning, the disinfection company must proceed with a discharge mist for pathogens. The disinfection technician, protected with specialized equipment, sprays the disinfectant with special machinery that does not puddle the surface.

It is done close to the floor or walls and with little power to avoid generating dust or aerosols. Small sprayed antiviral particles create a “cloud” in the area that penetrates all surfaces and corners of the premises. The nebulization and spraying of disinfectants allow the treatment of large areas in a short time.

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