Should The Denim Smartphone Pocket Become Standard On Jeans?

There’s no doubt the smartphone has changed the world, and maybe even more than once. As soon as it hit our hands, it was a huge success. No longer were we limited by the already incorporated features that came with the shipped phone. We could now download applications that further expanded the features on our smartphone. Suddenly the features available were only limited to the hardware that supported them, which in theory, is only limited to our imagination. But what now? We have the smartphone, but now we don’t know where to put it. It’s either too big or too fragile. Well, there are some people in the world who want to make the denim smartphone pocket a standard on all jeans. Is it a good idea?

The smartphone pocket idea comes from a company called I/O Denim, and it is a pretty straight forward idea really. How many times have you struggled when trying to get your smartphone out of your jeans pocket? I would say a bunch of times, right? The I/O Denim solution is to put a smartphone pocket on the left-hand side of the jean’s seam. Within an arm’s reach, you’ll have a much simpler and straight forward way to get access to your smartphone.

Not much needs to be said about this concept other than that it’s a great one. The smartphone pocket idea is another thing that is currently in its startup phase. Just like almost all other startups, the I/O Denim project is raising funds on Kickstarter in order to secure their first shipment. They are looking to raise $10,000 to fund their project, and with only 7 days left and just $5,800 raised, it’s now up to us whether or not this will become a part of our future. Do you feel you are in need of a smartphone pocket? Would it make your life simpler? Heck yeah! My humble opinion is that if it can keep us from having unnecessary accidents and allow us easy access to our smartphones, it’s a solution worth trying. What is your opinion?

I/O Denim’s Smartphone Pocket Startup