What Desserts You Should Serve At Your Elegant Cocktail Party

If you are planning a cocktail party for your friends, co-workers, and acquaintances, you will probably think carefully about the drinks you want to have available. You will have to stock a bar full of various spirits, mixes, garnishes, and glassware so that every guest can be pleased with their favorite drink. While establishing the cocktail menu is important for your event, you will also want to make sure that your desserts are given just as much thought and care as the drinks.

While the average cocktail party serves savory appetizers like tartlets, oysters or olives, you should consider going in the opposite direction and serve sweeter fare. Choose delicate desserts that can be finished in a few bites — these treats are meant to be plucked off of a serving tray during a standing conversation.

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Tips On What To Serve At Your Cocktail Party

You can delight your guests with expertly made chocolate truffles, or colorful confections with beautiful flavors like French macarons or mochi ice cream. Mochi ice cream is a unique dessert made of velvety ice cream covered with a pillowy layer of sweetened rice dough. The mochi ice cream balls come in a variety of delicious and exquisite flavors to impress attendees like mango, strawberry, green tea and vanilla bean.

Unfortunately, the average catering company will not know how to prepare the dessert, but you can easily find delicious mochi ice cream near you — the treat is stocked in the frozen food aisles of many grocery store chains. To help you find the frozen treats for your cocktail party, you can go to the MyMo Mochi Ice Cream website to use their store locator and find out where to purchase the flavors you need.

In order to tie in your desserts to the cocktail menu, you can have the flavors compliment the cocktails — mango mochi ice cream can be paired with a tropical drink, or hazelnut macarons can be paired with a coffee liqueur. Chocolate truffles can be infused or filled with a variety of alcohols like red wine, champagne, brandy, and vodka.

Another way that you can tie your dessert menu to your cocktail menu is by setting up the desserts in elegant glassware. French macarons, along with chilled truffles and mochi ice cream balls can be arranged and served in cocktail glasses like martini glasses, coupe glasses or champagne flutes. You can also choose desserts designed for glassware, like a traditional zabaglione which is often served in a shooter glass.

When you throw your next cocktail party, serve bite-sized delights like chocolate truffles, French macarons and mochi ice cream for your guests to enjoy during their conversations. You can design the cocktail menu and dessert menu together so that the ingredients complement each other and share the same glassware. The planning that you put into your menus will make sure that each guest will savor their drinks, their treats and their time at your party.

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