Do Men Lie More Than Women?

Lies have always been used as a tool of protection by people. You can build up walls against them, judge them, or learn about them more. If you familiarize yourself with the background motivation that gives life to lies, as well as their nature, you can save yourself from getting caught unawares. This can enable you to learn to treat them well. By rejecting lies because you despise their sheer existence you block yourself from understanding them.

If you cannot understand the mechanisms of lies then you won’t be able to handle them well. If lies constantly win over you by getting the best of you, chances are people tend to lie to you often and can get away with it. Why can this happen? Because you are probably not ready to learn about others’ mechanisms, motivations, and interests. People who are immersed in their exclusive righteousness receive more lies. Consider accepting that others can be right too.

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What Men And Women Think About Lying

Most men believe what they say is the truth, which also means what they don’t tell you, can’t cause problems. They think as opposed to many women, that their partner doesn’t have to know about everything. According to men, some things aren’t that important. On the contrary, most women think, you as a man should tell us everything as it happened. Through transparency, women can feel more secure and in control. Feeling emotionally safe is highly important to women.

Men instinctively know, the more they tell you, the more questions you will have, therefore, many smart men would only share with you basic information without many details. Is it fair to judge men or women because of this? No, both of their thoughts are logical from their perspective. The truth is that men don’t lie more than women, but they get caught more frequently. They are so clumsy at lying that a smart woman will sniff a man’s lie even before he opens his mouth.

Who Lies More?

Women. They do so more often, and smarter. Why? Because women’s brains, mind structure, and emotions are more complex. Their minds can differentiate more things, including colors, voices, so they can place their attention on more things, and be more intuitive. Their imagination is also highly developed and creative. Just think about how much they can overthink… If you have a strong imagination and communication skills, you can also tell more white lies easily.

If you look at who suffers more psychosomatic symptoms stemming from unresolved issues due to lying to the self, suppressing your emotions, and not expressing yourself fully, you can see more women than men do so. How about honest friendships? Men tend to maintain more honest, clear, and friendly ties with their friends than women. Whereas women have more expectations, more masks, and more competition with their friends.

Why Do Men Lie To You?

If they constantly lie to you, it should be because you have too much fear within. You have high expectations and are often suspicious due to your fears and seeking safety. Being like this, the man is under pressure not to make any mistakes, and he eventually will do so… Once he doesn’t tell you some detail, chances are, you are going to blame him for it. He will lie therefore because of his need to have a content life.

But if you are a woman who confronts him for anything, he won’t be able to breathe next to you.

He might be chatting to his friends or having coffee with his colleague but will be afraid to tell you because you could create conflicts from your fears. If you are often being lied to, chances are, they are too afraid of being honest with you. It is probably hard for you to take what doesn’t fit your imagination. You perhaps don’t even allow yourself to have a different reality from what you want to believe or experience.

What To Do When They Lie To You

Do Men Lie to You Because They Don’t Love You? That’s usually never the reason. So why? They don’t want to argue with you. They don’t want to lose you. Or, they want to avoid you having even more fears or become more anxious… Meanwhile, they also want to live! Not under pressure, in chains, among lies, full of regrets. But freely and happily, just like before you stepped into their lives. But not all women would approve of this.

What can you do? One of the best things you could do is to seek good role models from happy women and happy couples! You should study how they live and how they love. Try to observe how openly they think, and to what extent they are ready to meet and see the reality of a man. Seek to realize in what ways they are more understanding toward men. Throw away your masks, step up, and experience life bravely!

Be Open To Accept Reality

If you accept reality then you will also accept that lies and infidelity exist. And they can still lie to you or even cheat on you. Strive to understand what’s in the background and learn to handle them well. If you learn to handle them, they will not break your heart. Be ready to face your weaknesses in this area: your fears, uncertainties, your ideal way of the world, and reality. Aim to understand yourself more as well as what motivates others!

Be aware that your happiness won’t come from unworthy, cheating men ending up in hell, but you will feel content when you work your way up to be able to love naturally. Therefore, you should rather have expectations toward yourself, not the man in your life… In this way, you could become the woman next to whom an earlier lying and cheating man finally finds peace, and becomes his best version, the loving, caring man he meant to be. Good luck!

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